pixel studio pro apk

Pixel Studio PRO APK v4.03 Apk Full Paid

Pixel Studio PRO APK

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Introduce about Pixel Studio PRO APK

All images or resolutions always use pixels as units of measurement. The more pixels there are in the image, the more vividness and realism are shown. However, pixels are also used to design lovely images or as graphics of classic RPGs. If you want to explore or paint with pixels, give Pixel Studio a try.

What is Pixel Studio PRO APK?

Pixel Studio PRO APK is a drawing and design application that allows you to create pixel images as well as GIF animations. There are a lot of familiar painting tools, you can use the ‘pencil’ to draw simple lines on the grid, or eraser to fix imperfections, pour paint into the gaps.

Of course, the app will also have buttons to undo and redo any changes. The simple task is to create designs depending on your ability to create, edit, and transform images.

A friendly interface

Other digital painting applications will have complex interfaces that require a lot of operations to access features. With Pixel Studio PRO APK, this app has a super simple, intuitive interface to make it easy to understand how the app works.

Before starting to draw, the app will display all of your previous works (if applicable), including display name and date. But while drawing is different, the center will be a place for you to express your creativity. And the top and bottom of the screen will respectively be the color palette and toolset. You can use many different colors, you can even adjust the color to make the picture more detailed.

The photos on Pixel Studio PRO APK will be elaborated as much as possible to bring you a variety of emotions. For that reason, the app’s zoom feature is an important one. It allows you to have more detailed and vivid strokes at a given size. In particular, Pixel Studio also allows you to use the dot feature. A nifty feature that helps you add tiny details without affecting the whole picture.

Lots of drawing tools

Other drawing apps will always bring you a variety of brushes. Each stroke has its own characteristics to make a difference in the picture, as well as to represent objects. Pixel Studio PRO APK is different, because it only allows you to use only one brush, but allows you to customize the pixel size. In particular, your stroke will be pixelated and resized as desired.

When using the pixel brush, you just draw simple lines and use a variety of colors to fill the gaps.

This application works the same way as any other drawing application. But the main difference is the support and always help users create pixel-style photos. It can be said, with pixel brush, everything will become simpler and bring more feeling to the viewer. Your creativity will also be strongly stimulated when you only need to use colors and simple lines to express your ideas.

Additionally, Pixel Studio PRO APK has support for both the Samsung S-Pen and the Apple Pencil.

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Create GIF animations

The reason pixel drawings are so popular is because it’s the perfect material for GIF animations. With Pixel Studio PRO APK, it’s easy to create unique and fun GIFs animations, then send them to your friends. After you have all the drawings you need, you can take advantage of the animation feature and create GIF images.

More interestingly, the application allows you to adjust the transition speed, can insert a myriad of different textured photos to make the picture more vivid.




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