pixel blade w mod apk

Pixel BladeW MOD APK v1.4.0 Mod Unlimited Money + God Mode

Pixel BladeW MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.4.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money, God Mode
Size :58MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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An action RPG game with pixel style graphics has been released.

You are the last hero in Pixel World.

Become a hero, hunt monsters in the dungeon, collect gold and materials, and craft equipment.

Collect weapons to become the best swordmaster

This game that dont need wifi and play offline without internet.
– This game is a 3D Pixel Hack and Slash RPG from Pixelstar Games.

There are many monsters in the game, and the BOSS is powerful and crazy. The attacks and skills they unleash are enough to put off many adventurers. Only the true hero can survive and complete a more powerful counterattack. Learn to hone your skills in battle, adopt smart strategies, and win more difficult trials. Become a true warrior.

Transform into a brave hero in Pixel BladeW MOD APK; you will be allocated to a spooky land full of horror. Here, you will find a way to survive, destroy the creepy dark monsters before he turns you into a cold corpse here. During the game, you need to collect a lot of weapons by hunting monsters in the dungeon, and they will help you upgrade your skills and combat strength. Join the dramatic battle and experience the feeling of a true hero right away.


3D pixel graphics blend classic and modern when giving players a comprehensively harmonized graphic style to give them a new experience for their game. This style of graphics also enhances the player’s creativity so that the player and the publisher can customize their creativity infinitely. Specifically, the game with this graphic style has given players an entertaining fighting theme of powerful gladiators. Enter the game, enter the arena and participate in exciting battles.


Your gladiators are powerful characters equipped with unique weapons and armor to increase their fighting ability. Players can receive different equipment through fighting in different challenges, from armor to powerful swords. The higher the value of the equipment and the higher the stats, the more effective it will be to fight so that the player can easily confront his enemies. One way or another, find a way to collect this equipment and improve the combat ability necessary for your monster-slaying journey.


Now comes the exciting battle screen; the game gives players exciting battles against monsters and even other gladiators. These matches will be the place where players’ skills are compared to find the strongest. Take the fighting skills you are best at and use them as a special ability that can help you win your match. Don’t forget to take advantage of equipment stats to overwhelm your enemies, turning them into weak enemies under your absolute strength. What are you waiting for without joining the game to fight right away?

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  1. Unique action gameplay coupled with light, simple graphics provides a memorable adventure during combat.
  2. Diverse character skin system for you, upgrade your hero, and destroy a lot of monsters to increase your fighting skills.
  3. Upgrade quickly with everything in the game, and focus all your efforts on defeating the enemy to be able to survive in this creepy ghost land.
  4. Equipment system with a variety of powerful weapons for you to choose from to find a great companion to help you overcome all difficulties.
  5. Fast action, smooth movement with a variety of skills. Build yourself the perfect combat real battle




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