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PC Tycoon MOD APK v2.1.4 Mod Free Shopping


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PC Tycoon MOD APK – Become famous all over the world thanks to your achievements, which can easily sit on the Internet for other people. Start your own company to create various components for PCs of any models. Get a special place for an office, hire qualified professionals, improve the level of the premises, upload new features for users and organize the menu. The most important thing in this game is to get to the top among the best companies on the market as soon as possible, thereby making them your competitors.



Welcome to PC Tycoon MOD APK! It’s 2012, the computer industry is developing from year to year, and a computer has been in every home for a long time, so you decide to start your own computer company! You have to start from the very bottom and become a giant in the technology industry! In this economic strategy, you will have to develop your computer components: processors, video cards, motherboards, RAM, power supplies and disks, operating systems and laptops. Research new technologies, upgrade offices, hire and fire employees, in the race for the title of the greatest computer company in history! On the way to success, you will find a lot of breakdown and unforeseen events — crises, falling and growing demand for components, high competition with other companies. A truly successful businessman should be able to adapt to possible events! You need to use your funds wisely. Improve the office or buy advertising? Create more copies or save money for a rainy day? Every decision will affect the course of the game!


Throughout the 23 years of the game, your business will be actively developing: you will be able to open up to 8 different offices with their own technologies, increase revenue and sales volumes by conducting special researches and come out on top in the companies rating that also do not stand still!

Competing companies will produce their products and grow throughout the game! From year to year, the competition will become higher, and the products will become more technologically advanced. The main thing is to keep up with the times! Don’t forget to follow the news to know what’s relevant right now!


Get ready to take over your home computer and rule the world! Starting a computer company in 2012 is a good idea because the industry is booming and there are computers in almost every home these days. To become a tech giant, you must start small. Developing processors, video cards, motherboards, RAM (random access memory), power supplies, and disks are all necessary components of this strategy.

Research new technologies, upgrade your offices, and hire and fire employees in the race to be the best computer company ever. Numerous breakdowns and unexpected events, such as crises, falling or rising component demand, and intense competition, await you on your journey to success! An entrepreneur’s greatest asset is their flexibility. Pay attention to what you spend your money on. Should we spend our money on office upgrades or commercials? What’s the best option? Everything you do affects the outcome of the game.


At any given point during the game’s 23-year lifespan, you can expand your company’s reach by utilizing its technology to open up to eight new locations and conducting in-depth market research to boost your revenue and sales. This means that the number of competing companies grows over time. The level of competition and the quality of the products improves yearly. Don’t miss a thing! Read the news to stay on top of current events.

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Laptops can’t grow without the help of other businesses, so use their components in yours. Critics will give you points for price, technology, and new technology. Step-by-step training will be given to you because running a business is challenging. It’s fun to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the past. The game’s development history helps to accomplish this. Laptops, operating systems, and components you’ve created are all visible. It is possible to access the game’s stats and history if you have previously played. Customize your main menu, choose your music, and use a virtual assistant by downloading the game.




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