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Pawnbarian MOD APK v1.2.10 Mod Premium Unlocked

Pawnbarian APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.2.10
Mod Info :Premium Unlocked
Size :52MB
Online/Offline :Offline


Pawnbarian APK

 Pawnbarian Apk is a tactical puzzle roguelike with chess, cards, and tentacle monsters.

Pawnbarian APK

Pawnbarian Apk is an interesting mix of different games like puzzle and roguelike. At the same time, the first part of the gameplay has some elements of chess, but with slightly different rules, but the actions themselves take place on a black-and-white board, reminiscent of a chessboard. The story takes place in a fantasy world where you have to play as a valiant warrior who goes into a strange dungeon full of dangers, but also treasures.
All levels and the world as a whole are procedurally generated, which helps to achieve the effect of unpredictability, and this gives a chance to start the game anew, still getting fresh emotions during the passage. Aspen weapons are chess pieces that can walk on the board like real chess in certain directions. However, the location of the enemies can be different, and at certain moments the necessary figures will not be available, and here you have to act logically.

The battles are conducted step by step, and therefore there is time to think, decide your next actions and think about everything in advance. There are 3-player characters with different skills, and 3 types of dungeons, with conditions that differ. The graphics are two-dimensional, and made in a simple, perhaps even somewhat sketchy, visual style.

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Pawnbarian Apk is an inventive deck-building Chess-based dungeon crawling roguelike puzzler where your character moves like the chess pieces indicated on the cards that you use.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer while it was in Alpha, in Pawnbarian you take control of a lone Pawnbarian as they battle their way through dungeons that are patrolled by a variety of different monsters. The gameplay is turn-based, with you able to move twice per turn, and you decide how you move by selecting cards with Chess pieces on them – so if you select a queen you can move as far as you like in all directions or if you select a pawn you can only move forward one square and attack diagonally.

It’s a clever concept which makes for a very strategic, puzzle-like experience as you try to make your way through each level of the dungeon. Each type of enemy requires a different strategy and it’s often easy to attack an enemy, but the real challenge is getting back to safety before they can attack you. Sign up for the Beta to see if you can conquer the dungeons of Pawnbarian.

Game Features:

Pawnbarian APK.

– Use the chess group to cut the monster group.

– Get started with chess, master the basics, or learn in minutes.

– Plan your actions carefully for challenges and emergencies.

– Use treasures to strengthen your cards.

– Quickly complete 15-30 minute game rounds or try to die.

– Challenge the Infinity Tower at the end of the game and see how long you can survive.

– Choose from six characters and challenge yourself with three dungeons, each requiring you to interact with them in a unique way.

– Play Shackles mode for a more challenging game.

Pawnbarian APK is a turn-based puzzle roguelike with bite-sized, but challenging sessions. Play cards to control your hero like a chess piece on a tiny dungeon board, outmaneuver enemies with their assortment of tricky abilities, and become the mightiest warrior of the Chesslands!

– Use a deck of chess pieces to hack and slash through hordes of monsters.
– Pick up the basics instantly if you’re familiar with chess, or learn in minutes if you aren’t.
– Carefully plan your moves to navigate challenging, emergent tactical situations.
– Spend treasure to upgrade your cards with additional powers.
– Blitz through quick 15-30 minute runs – or die trying.
– Take on the infinite post-run Gauntlet to see how long you can survive.
– Pick from 6 characters to conquer 3 dungeons, all requiring an unique approach.
– Progress through Chains, a series of extra difficulty modifiers.

Not Features

– No permanent upgrades, and not much that needs unlocking. The progress and satisfaction come from your growing mastery of the game’s elegant systems!
– No complex and varied builds. The shops provide a few key decisions, but the bulk of the roguelike depth lies in how you approach the emergent combat puzzles!



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