paragon pioneers apk

Paragon Pioneers APK v1.0.77 Apk Full Paid

Paragon Pioneers APK

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In the game, choose the villages and cities you want to merge together. It is a very interesting and interesting mobile game. The gameplay is very simple. Players only need to move the buildings in the city and merge them one by one to make the village become Getting bigger and bigger and more beautiful.

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Paragon Pioneers APK is a city-building idle game in which you explore, conquer, and build on islands for more resources to meet the needs of your inhabitants. Even if you don’t have much time to play, you can still enjoy this deep simulation and follow one of the countless ways to optimize your empire. Build an impressive palace and go down in the history of Paragon as a successful leader.

» What can I expect? «

BUILD YOUR STONE STONE: Build over 100 different buildings to meet all the needs of your residents.

PRODUCING more than 70 items with complex production chains.

DISCOVER more islands for your ever-growing empire: build a great fleet, send them out to sea and gradually expand your territory.

Conquer the newly discovered islands of the Orcs with an intuitive and multifaceted battle system.

RELAX while your empire stays active even when you’re not playing.

IMMERSE in a fantasy/medieval setting is stylized and cute while not being bothered by ads, in-app or online purchases.

SHARE every island in the game with a unique island generator for your needs.

ENJOY this game again and again with choosing a special guardian at the end. Provide powerful skills to your following empires.




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