paladins story fantasy rpg mod apk

Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG MOD APK v1.2.8 Mod Unlimited Money

Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.2.8
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :93MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG MOD APK – strategic-action-RPG, which will send players to a fantasy medieval world. The role of a brave knight, the user will be to travel to locations and fight with various evil spirits, among which are the orcs, ghosts, demons and other monsters. The game’s plot will develop over a hundred battles, and with each new match the opponent’s strength will be increased. To overcome the resistance of monsters will help system throughput, and the ability to purchase different weapons.

If you are a lover of action-adventure games, then this is definitely the game for you. Designed in an ancient setting with a medieval world, players will be immersed in fierce battles like a real warrior. Your task is to control your character and lead it to complete the assigned task.

Welcome to the vale of the elder, Paladin! You seek a legendary quest? To fight a mighty dragon, a wicked witcher or the dark souls from oblivion? Yes? Dang … those were the quests from last week.

Let’s take a look at the new scrolls! How about fighting the orcs? Become a valiant crusader and stand against this rising evil. Purge them before they raid and pillage our lands into oblivion!

Go on the elder’s quest and join the paladins of the elder!

Scroll of features:
★ open world with a medieval fantasy theme
★ melee action with many a sword fight & mighty combos
★ legendary loot (hundreds of generated items)
★ text-based story with over 150 quests
★ classic RPG (offline play)


Long ago, your kingdom was enjoying peaceful days when suddenly a dark force suddenly appeared and took everything away. They are determined not to spare and plunge your territory into darkness. Unable to let evil continue to dominate like that, you decide to stand up to fight and put on the power of a true warrior. However, the spirits from oblivion will not let you efficiently perform the task, so always be careful and observe when moving and attacking their base.


With a diverse context and many different levels, you will have to look on the map and move to each location to attack. Orcs will always find ways to hinder and attack you from all sides, so you need to use your thinking and constantly create a variety of new strategies to be able to deal with these terrifying monsters promptly.

In order to save the land from war, players need to defeat all the enemies quickly, but later on, the challenges increase, and sometimes it will overwhelm you with the attacks of the enemies. Make sure you always keep yourself skilled and in good spirits to defeat the enemies and bring peace.


To improve the experience for players, the publisher has continuously updated more missions around the game to create fierce battles so as not to cause boredom for players. You will be participating in many individual levels, with the primary weapons being swords and shields for defense; in addition, you need to practice agile play not to be inferior to aggressive enemies. Use all your skills to create a massive attack on the enemy; you can also collect money after each battle.

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  1. Join the experience of the Paladin story and fight mighty forces to protect your kingdom
  2. Engaging gameplay, fighting evil witches and countless dangerous monsters, along with a series of challenges waiting for you to discover
  3. Defeat all the enemies by creating a variety of dangerous tactics and attack them directly to take them down
  4. Continuously update many new unique features to increase the experience for players
  5. Comfortable playing space with dramatic sound and eye-catching graphics is definitely the perfect choice for you




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