overrun zombie base defense apk

Overrun – Zombie Base Defense APK v2.70 Apk Full Paid

Overrun – Zombie Base Defense APK

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A Zombie War themed tower defense idle mobile game. In the game, players will be responsible for building a solid defense line for the city, with the help of various types of defense towers, to resist the attack of millions of zombies. Different from the common mode that combines idle gameplay and simulated management, this game combines tower defense gameplay and idle mode, which are common in strategy games, to bring players a brand new gaming experience.

The game provides a variety of powerful weapons and equipment, a wide variety of gain effects, and a variety of powerful super weapons; as a mobile game with casual genes, the zombie shapes in this game are not designed to be terrifying. It just appeared in front of the player in a cute cartoon shape; after killing the zombies, the setting of collecting gold coins to enhance the power of the weapon also allows the player to have more powerful firepower to protect the safety of the city.

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Provides a variety of firepower output modes, basic weapons, from boomerangs to rifle turrets, to submachine guns, and even large-caliber artillery, it can be said to have everything; the gain effect, whether it is to increase the speed of weapons, or increase the enemy’s Damage, and even various gains that double the gold coin income, will help players; various mysterious super weapons play a decisive role in the game, allowing players to use various means to eliminate a huge number of massive zombie. Players only need to build various defense towers in the corresponding positions and upgrade them, and turn on some gain effects from time to time to easily pass each level.

Survive the hordes of zombies! An offline, base building, apocalypse game

Overrun throws you into a post apocalypse zombie world where your survival is on the line. Build a defense against the zombies, equip your survivors with devastating weapons, and fight the horde of zombies to progress to each new map location. Unlock new weapons, turrets, and barricades to hold back the zombies as you fight for your survival. Recruit new survivors to your team and level them up until they are the ultimate zombie slayers!


Build your base with barricades to protect your team, turrets to shoot the zombies and build traps to slow them down. If the walking dead manage to break through your defense, use repair kits to fix your base during a wave. As the team overseer, it’s your job to make sure your defense doesn’t get overrun in this strategy survival game.


To survive the zombie apocalypse, you need to build an arsenal of weapons. Recruiting new survival experts brings more than their survival expertise, each survivor comes with their own weapons to kill the zombies. The apocalypse shop is always restocking so you can upgrade the weapons in your team’s inventory anytime in the game.


When night approaches, so do the walking dead! Mount your defense and survive by either watching your game play out as a simulation, or directly take control of a survivor to do some zombie shooting yourself. In overseer mode, you can help out your team by calling in airstrikes, repairing your base, healing them, and telling them where to move and shoot.


In the apocalypse, each day brings a different challenge. Will there be a horde of running zombies? lots of brute zombies? or just a huge gathering of walking dead? prepare a strategy for every scenario because your survival depends on it.


New maps to explore are coming to Apocalypse County! Each new map has a new challenge, new zombies, new buildings, and much more with each game update.

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Download Overrun – Zombie Base Defense APK, The best zombie shooting game on mobile!

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