our empire pro apk

Our Empire Pro APK v0.3b3 Apk Full Paid

Our Empire Pro APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :0.3b3
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :36MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Introduce about Our Empire Pro APK

A turn-based strategy game that spans several eras on multiple maps and features a custom-designed sandbox mode!

Our Empire Pro APK is a turn-based strategy game set in an empire, developed specifically for mobile, so it has vivid intuitive gameplay and is suitable for the one-touch control style of smartphones.

It is also a strategy game like many other games of the same genre, but Our Empire Pro APK brings many differences to give players a lot of excitement and different experiences.

Many eras and scenarios

This game takes place in Empire, Early Middle Ages to Middle Ages, and more eras. In each era, there will be different famous names in each period, there will be great wars for the territory that we have only known through history books.

There will also be different scenarios for each battle. Thereby players have the opportunity to participate in many attractive battles in different ways, extending and enriching the feeling of playing.

Diplomatic element

Our Empire Pro APK is not only about simple battle tactics, controlling soldiers. Our talented generals can also do many things to bring more chances of victory for their side. One of the important factors is to take advantage of the Diplomatic Elements: negotiate with someone, find the right allies, choose the right enemy, make a little connection… The diplomacy in this game gives you many benefits. Wisdom and ingenuity are what you need in this swordless war.

Many types of troops and many different technologies and constructions

Also because of going through the wars of many periods, in Our Empire Pro APK, there are not only a few basic armies but also a lot of specialized army groups with completely different functions and weapons: infantry, marine, melee, ranged archers, cavalry…

Technology and construction in each period are also different. Weapons like bows and arrows, crossbows, swords, ammunition, cannons, towers, castles, front lines… will be appeared in each battle with the enemy and in the process of gathering forces.

Players can create and save their own scenarios

When playing Our Empire Pro APK, you don’t have to follow the route available in the game. Instead, you can edit the map and scenario, and save the script as you like to open it up again or continue playing next time. Our Empire Pro APK has a simple editor for the look and feel of the game, allowing you to create your own scenario.

In short, you can play according to the existing ones or create your own.

Our Empire Pro APK also has a multiplayer on the same device feature. You can optionally choose to play arcade or sandbox depending on your preferences.

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General review

Our Empire Pro APK is a turn-based strategy game that combines many eras, maps, and combat properties, with both combat and diplomacy. This game has a wide variety of professional armies, weapon groups, technology, and Diverse works for each period. Our Empire Pro APK is also one of the very few strategy games that combine a pre-programmed arcade form with a Sandbox mode that allows players to create some of their own to enjoy differently.

It is this variety that has brought many exciting experiences to this very simple strategy game. The right game for those of you who love to challenge your tactical talent and want to explore to the end of your conquest.




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