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ONLYWAY APK v1.25 Apk Full Paid


Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.25
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :158MB
Online/Offline :Offline


Introduce about ONLYWAY APK

Wandering aimlessly in the post-natural disaster world!


ONLYWAY APK is about the world after a major natural disaster. After that global tremor, the blue planet we once knew suddenly turned into a strange place. People kill each other. Everywhere is filled with gloom, every corner can become an unpredictable threat. Many strange creatures appear. Behind the ruined houses, something seems to move, watching your every step.

Just a small creature in the middle of the world, you stagger with every step timidly, to find out what is happening to this place. Why do people kill each other like crazy? Why have so many species become so enormous and why is the air filled with strange objects?

The road of adventure will have many pitfalls, do you have enough strength and strong mind to overcome? Is there anyone friendly in this world for you to find help? It all depends on your survival in the ONLYWAY game.

ONLYWAY APK – this is a high-quality and incredibly atmospheric platformer where you have to go on an unforgettable adventure. According to the plot, you will find yourself in a fantasy world where everyone for unknown reasons became incredibly aggressive and started killing each other. You will also need to help the main character get out of there! The mechanics of the game are quite simple, where you basically need to overcome locations with various obstacles, and solve quite complex puzzles to open the way further. It will also often be necessary to avoid dangers, where basically you have to get out of there as quickly as possible. Also do not forget to pay attention to various hints and items that will help you during the passage. A lot of work has been done on the locations in the game, they have incredible depth and atmosphere, which conveys feelings well and immerses you in the game world. In addition, there are quite a lot of locations here, and they are all drawn in detail. The controls are quite simple, which will help you concentrate more on the game itself!

Find a way out of this situation before no one else gets hurt in this world! At one point, quite strange things began to happen: the population began to kill each other without a thought, and after their death, unknown creatures appeared. Move around the available places and in no case get into someone’s eyes, otherwise there is a great chance that you will also be destroyed. Dig up as much information about the new virus as possible and find important clues to eventually figure out how to proceed.

A beautiful and lonely adventure

Participating in this horror adventure game, the player’s task is to find out the hidden truth behind the natural disaster that has just taken place and wipe out almost all of these species. At the same time, you have to find a solution for the appearance of strange creatures and have a plan for your survival and the rare animals that are still alive in the world.

The context is not too strange, but the dark or gloomy atmosphere of ONLYWAY APK will make you quite restless from the first screen.

A large abandoned world, the surrounding creatures thought they were still alive, but were actually dead or transformed into a strange monster. Ruined objects, ruined scene as evidence for the tragedy that suddenly struck when everyone, all species were still living normally. Disaster struck, all activities stopped suddenly, humans became bloodthirsty killing machines, even animals went crazy. Now when everything has calmed down, there are only dead bodies along the way, only blood stains on the sad walls.

You will overcome all these dark scenes and gradually come, digging up the truth behind all problems. That journey must pass countless unique environmental puzzles. Many times you have to find a way to hide from a giant entity that is pursuing you. Other times have to find a way to decipher the remaining messages of those who have died before.

In the gloomy ONLYWAY APK world, you are free to move the way you want, go to every corner that makes you curious. Experience the feeling of being terribly haunted by the stillness of your surroundings.

ONLYWAY APK divided into many difficulty levels. With each difficulty level will appear obstacles, monsters and difficulty of different puzzles. Depending on their travel preferences, how to find out the details, and connect events, each player will have their own playstyle. The beauty of ONLYWAY APK is to encourage all creativity in players. From there you feel the story and come to a different ending even though ONLYWAY APK is not an interactive novel game by nature.

Graphics and sound

Using 2.5D graphics with cold gray water, black and white, ONLYWAY has recreated a desolate world without life but only death and obsession surround. The character portrayed is not a super hero, but just a small, lost and confused creature who doesn’t know what to do. It is the true mood of anyone waking up in a post-apocalyptic world. It is this visual approach that makes it easier for players to empathize with the character and enter the challenge more vividly.

The sound also contributes to the haunting of the game. Each fragmented, icy note does not make your mood better, but only deepens the lonely and confused situation of the character. In dangerous scenes, the music is even more sporadic and fast-paced, putting you in a real panic dilemma.

With a post-apocalyptic puzzle adventure game, ONLYWAY APK has done a great job in both visuals and audio.

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Features of the game:

  • Atmospheric and detailed graphics;
  • An exciting storyline;
  • Many unique locations;
  • Lots of puzzles.




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