only one mod apk

Only One MOD APK v1.29 Mod Unlimited Money

Only One MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.29
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :29MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Only One MOD APK is a retro-style fencing game that takes place on a tower near the sky, where you will fight and destroy enemies with your magic sword. You must fight to survive amid a crowd of enemies and only you against them, without any support. Besides, your character can perform slash actions, launch missiles at enemies and manipulate movements to avoid their attack in the gameplay.

One of the best hack and slash games on mobile, Only One MOD APK is an epic arena style sword fighting game where you push and kill waves of enemies off a pillar in the sky with your magical sword. You don’t fight for glory, you fight to survive!

Defeat your enemies in gruelling combat or take the easy way out and push them off the pillar to their death down below. Capture enemy shields to block your opponents attacks and use your abilities in strategic and dynamic ways like deflecting fireballs back at the wizard or going in dangerously close and unleashing the whirlwind.

Gain powers and strength with a wide variety of abilities and upgrades. Hack and slash through over 90 waves and 9 bosses as you litter the tiny battlefield with bodies and blood to ultimately become the only one left standing!


Only One MOD APK is one of the best free and best mobile hack-and-slash games for Android devices. You will have to defeat your enemies in fierce and tiring battles to destroy them, or you can find the easiest way to push your opponents off the tower and fall to death. It can also capture enemy shields to block their attacks and use special abilities and unique strategies to defeat opponents in the fastest way. For example, you can deflect the fireball or go nearby and unleash a giant whirlwind to stop the opponent’s attack completely.


Only One MOD APK is a retro-style fantasy fight in a special arena, which is the top of the tower. Tiny enemies like swordsmen, archers, magicians shooting fireballs will appear continuously on the battlefield. You must chase them or find ways to slash them to death and also need to dodge powerful attacks from them. The game uses the virtual control button; when you see the green control frame, press with your thumb to move, and the attack button will be on the right. When your enemy dies, they will drop gifts for you to pick up, such as replenishing lives, increasing the shield’s strength; the above gifts are significant to your survival.


Strength is the game’s currency, so players have to find ways to push their enemies off the battlefield to gain plenty of power. You go ahead and slash, shove and make the enemy die at any time so you can pick up the power. The game will also introduce new items and abilities that players can buy and use in battle. One highlight of the game is that every 10 levels, you will face and fight the boss, so you have to prepare good health and skill to face it. Anything that goes beyond a boss level will have tougher HP, stronger attacks, which will result in chaotic and intense fights.

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Only One MOD APK has a straightforward interface but very attractive to players. All options in the game are neatly arranged and easy to use when playing, such as control buttons, current number of lives, points, strength, etc. In addition, the sound of the game is also designed with in-depth and emotion, all the sound effects and the voice in the game are simulated authentic and engaging, attracting players in various battles.

Only One MOD APK is exciting with a depth far beyond the player’s expectations. The fascinating battles with the same bosses and the diverse abilities of the characters all bring great value to the game, and they help the game attract more players. This is a simple, fun, and completely free fantasy fighting game, suitable to entertain and immerse in infinity chaotic battles.




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