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Oceanhorn APK v1.1.6 Apk Full Paid

Oceanhorn APK

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Oceanhorn APK is a very interesting role-playing game, the player will play a living juvenile, one day received a long time no father sent a letter, so juvenile will set foot on their own adventure, along the father The trail all the way to the final adventure will be destroyed.

In the adventure of the way will encounter a variety of organs and monsters, players need to play their own wisdom to rule out all the difficulties, then interested in the game to installation the game to meet this journey now!

Oceanhorn APK is an action-adventure game inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and even players have commented that the game is an upgraded version of both content and graphics. Despite the similar gameplay, it is unfair to say that this game is a copy of Zelda. In fact, the game will take you to explore the majestic caves, ancient villages or the vast ocean, and the purpose of this adventure is to destroy the legendary sea monster – Oceanhorn APK.

The missing father

The protagonist of this game is a boy. One day, when he wakes up, he realizes that his father has disappeared and left him with a necklace and instructions to go find a master so he can teach him and tell him about mysterious stories. Actually, his father doesn’t disappear. In the past, his wife had been eaten by the sea monster Oceanhorn and he was determined to find out about the monster. When the time came, he set out to kill the sea monster, not letting it harm anyone. Can the boy complete his destiny? Even, he still has the opportunity to find his missing father, but he doesn’t know his dad is alive or dead.

An adventurous adventure

The player will start the journey the next morning when the boy wakes up. You will be directed to some specific actions such as carrying a pitcher with Action button, map view, … Uncharted Seas island contains many dangerous and unanswered secret. You have to use your intelligence to unravel the mysterious story of this island.

Oceanhorn APK combines an RPG and some puzzle elements. You have to solve puzzles are designed quite sophisticated to complete the task of the game. However, these puzzles are quite simple and do not cause much difficulty for players, perhaps because the game is aimed at light entertainment. For example, you have to find a key to open the chest, use the lever to open the gate, … But do not be disappointed because the game is still a lot of fun. Many islands, caves, underworld, forests, cemeteries … for you to explore. Even in some stages, you can explore the vast ocean in a pirate boat.

Many dangerous monsters

Besides puzzle, your main task is to use the sword to fight the monsters along the way. The game automatically targets, you just control the main character moves and attacks continuously. The control system of the game is also very smooth and intuitive. Rarely you have to deal with many monsters at the same time, so you are free to make impressive combos without fear of being ambushed by enemies. Are you ready to find the ancient treasures of the Arcadia Kingdom?

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Nice graphics

Oceanhorn APK graphics are based on a 3D platform with 1080p HD resolution, giving you the ultimate visual experience. You will be immersed in the animated world of the game, with colorful scenery, very beautiful and majestic. Moreover, the soundtrack is composed by the world’s leading composers. The stories and characters are also voiced by the famous cast.




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