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Not Exactly A Hero APK v1.1.0 Apk Full Paid

Not Exactly A Hero APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.1.0
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :90MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Not Exactly A Hero APK exists in the superhero world, but you are just a civilian. That’s right; it’s not always what the outside looks like; the inside is the same. You are not a hero as you are supported, living, and on duty with extraordinary people. Players fully feel the fighting hero’s lifestyle, talent and strength, but sometimes they don’t get along. Working together in the same team, many conflicting opinions cause them to clash. You will work with them to solve the problem and complete the assigned tasks according to each level. Follow the storyline of the heroes, and support your teammates to create miracles.

Players can freely explore the superhero universe with a particular role when coming to Not Exactly A Hero APK. You can follow the story that the heroes are talking about for the matches. You have the right to participate in that conversation but only as support because you do not have superpowers that rule the world. A commoner but respected in a multi-dimensional universe, sometimes you can also give good ideas. The adventure spans nine consecutive storylines; discover them and complete the mission. Open Not Exactly A Hero, step into the dramatic chat between heroes, and feel and explore their talents.

experience the heroic life of a civilian

In this journey full of meaningful memories, you will understand as you go deeper into the story. Each time participating in the event, the group would discuss and raise personal opinions. Superhero characters will also be gradually recruited over time. They are people with unique talents, able to manipulate the multiverse with unpredictable transformations. You play as Riley, a commoner girl who suddenly gets along with the hero one day. Since then, her life has changed; she has experienced and interacted with many people that she thought never appeared in real life. The train takes her to explore the world, discuss and strategize like a true hero.

Establish a lasting relationship

In Not Exactly A Hero APK, players get to meet and befriend many different people. You’re run by a boss who’s constantly on top of team budgets. A guy named Chris is arrogant, contemptuous and always wants to put you down in front of everyone. The drivers are weird and have power but make others difficult to understand. Lots of relationships for you to join if you can continue; if not, stop them. Out of ten people, each with a personality, some are good, but some are equally bad. You need to choose carefully to know who can support you in this journey. Love them or turn them away; it’s all your choice.

Experiencing different emotional levels

Every time you unlock a new story, you will experience something new. You are the main character in this adventure, who has the right to choose all. The side characters are superheroes that will help you brighten up and become the focus. One by one, the story in the multiverse world unfolds, bringing a different discovery. The events that take place depending on the interactions between the characters. You see the angry, happy or friendly heroes of each other and how they feel, and your mood will follow. Players are pleased, surprised or afraid of what the superhero is about to do.

Different messaging style gameplay

Usually, other games will follow the story and explore, but Not Exactly A Hero APK does not. Players will experience it directly through the exchange of messages back and forth. You have the opportunity to meet and interact with many people; in the end, everyone has their ability. Each part will have new characters, and you get to know and support them in battles. You will also participate in chat messages and send messages or images to illustrate. In the conversation filled with notes, the characters constantly give opinions. Each participant will introduce themselves, get acquainted and show their strength to the whole group.

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Not Exactly A Hero APK gives the plot, but you create your ending. No two stories will be the same; they are mutually evolved, and you are in charge of the journey. For those who like superhero novels, this will be a great experience. Not too much of a stressful challenge, but directly participate in writing the exciting adventure. Make friends with famous superheroes, get help and make a glorious victory. Download Not Exactly A Hero APK takes you through many fascinating storylines about superheroes, who are ordinary people but have great storylines.




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