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Not Another Weekend APK v1.10 Apk Full Paid

Not Another Weekend APK

A pixel funny adventure game, the player will play the role of a cleaner in the hotel. Cleaning the room is not an accusation at all. You need to torture the guests by tricking them and drive them out of the hotel. The screen of the game is a horizontal version. You can find and play a lot of trick props in the game. At the same time, you will face a variety of guests, whether they are rich people, nurses, social elites, gangsters, etc. You get out of the hotel.

You will encounter a lot of funny plots, and you will also meet various customers in this game, and you need to adapt to the different habits of each customer and others.

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Not Another Weekend is a classic point-and-click adventure and the protagonist is bellboy Mike Melkout. He works at a high-class hotel (Hotel 404), but is planning to get rid of all the guests and the other employees. This all has to take place over the weekend, hence its name. Inspired by classics from the 80ies, this dark but humorous adventure game is a tribute to the pop culture of that era.

A wacky point-and-click adventure game featuring a bellboy who needs to empty a hotel from its guests. He only has one weekend. Can he make it?

Kick everyone out of Hotel 404 while you unveil its dark past.

For all the fans of pixel art out there, get ready for the wackiest adventure of time. You are a bellboy, Mike Melkout, working at a high-class hotel. Mike may seem crazy, or even peculiar or he might as well be. Nevertheless, he has only one plan. A dark plan. To throw everyone out in just one Weekend. A humorous point and click adventure game, set in the ’80s, as a tribute to the pop culture of that era.

Not Another Weekend APK


Upon booting the game up and appreciating the groovy soundtrack, the premise is clear. Get everyone out of the hotel―staff and guests―in a single weekend in order to appease the disembodied brain of your mysterious uncle. As Mike the bellboy, you’ll spend all your time at a hotel, which, for an adventure game, is a smart move; it showcases a lot of individuality, with every facility and guest room possessing its own style that immediately informs you of the scope of your adventure. You aren’t journeying to faraway islands, or slaying dragons across countless continents. No, you’re stuck here, in Hotel 404, with nothing but the hotel rooms and staff to keep you company.

The setting is a great strength, which means when you do run into issues (a few times I found myself stuck with an unexplained roadblock), the ‘talk to everyone again’ process doesn’t take you a prohibitive amount of time. You aren’t trying to take on the entire universe in one go, and the focus the game has allows for some nice connections between characters and points of interest to flourish. A small example of this is when you notice a character listening to the radio, and the contents of that radio show must be shown to another character in a different part of the hotel; little narrative bits that link the hotel to itself are scattered all over the place.

Not Another Weekend APK also features a big pile of seriously handy features too, including the ‘Notemap’, which keeps track of how many people you still need to kick out of the hotel, and allows you to fast-travel to any floor. You can also hover over each customer’s room for some idea on how to get rid of them, which helps you figure out what kind of ridiculous-yet-somehow-kind-of-logical methods you need to employ.

One thing I’d have loved is a hint system though. When Thimbleweed Park did this, it was an absolute delight, as it tailors the experience of running through the adventure to your own preferences. The times I got frustrated playing Not Another Weekend APK were chiefly when I was trying to trigger certain quests and activate storylines I’d already figured out, prior to being ‘allowed’ to do them by the game. The ability to check if I need to talk to a specific person to get back on track would have been useful. It’s a weird situation to be in, because I love when a puzzle comes together, and knowing what’s going on makes me feel very smart and sexy, but when I’m unable to use the item I need because Mike is a step behind me, does occasionally take me out of whatever immersion you can expect from a bellboy simulator. Not Another Weekend APK


• Beautiful pixel art graphics.

• A unique story with lots of twists.

• Strange characters, depicting some famous 80’s icons, and funny dialogues.

• Adult humor and challenging puzzles.

• Original soundtrack.



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