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Niffelheim APK v1.5.44 Apk Full Paid

Niffelheim APK

Requires Android :8.0+
Current Version :1.5.44
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :530MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Niffelheim APK – tells the story of a Viking who fell in battle, but never got to Valhalla. You will find yourself in the dark and dangerous world of Niffelheim APK. However, a true warrior remains so under any circumstances. Prove that you are able to fight your way to the heavenly lands on your own, defeat the most formidable enemies, overcome the cold and darkness on the way to your goal.

Your main task will be to collect all the parts of the portal, which will take you to the cherished Valhalla. However, on the way to the coveted pieces there are a wide variety of opponents. Fight, use all the resources that you can get. Fur, bones, and so on will be used. Learn how to brew potions and use them for their intended purpose. Something makes you stronger, and other decoctions can become a strong poison for enemies!

It is worth paying your attention to the visual series. The game looks quite stylish and will please all fans of the themes of northern legends and mythology of the Scandinavian peoples. Try to overcome all the challenges, together with the main character and have a great time. There is a possibility of joint passage, which will allow you to attract friends to this adventure.

Niffelheim APK is a survival game set in a mysterious world of Norse mythology and trying to find Asgard. You will arrive in a hazardous environment but full of resources that you can take advantage of. At the same time, you will know the goal to go to Asgard in advance, but the time to accomplish them will be entirely long. So, you will gradually collect the necessary items and find new sources of strength for the character.


You will be the incarnation of a hero who fell in the battle of Niffelheim APK. But the strange thing is that his soul after death went to an area of the same game name instead of Asgard. That can be seen as one of the harsh worlds players will have to face and try to survive to accomplish their goals. At the same time, you will need to achieve this in this game to go to Asgard’s Valhalla.

You’ll need to know to get to the abode of the gods because you’ll need to gather enough resources to open a portal that leads directly to Asgard. But collecting this resource is not a simple thing because the pieces to open the gate are located in the bosses. So, the job you will perform in this game is to learn the game’s mechanics to survive in a harsh environment. You will continue to increase your strength against powerful enemies and bosses.


Characters in Niffelheim APK are equipped with two weapons: a wooden stick and a bow that you can swap using depending on the situation you desire. The environment in which you will appear is a snowy environment where you will begin finding the items you need to maintain your health. At the same time, some items need to be collected with a specific tool that you can craft in the list.

The environment in this game is hazardous that you must be careful in finding and experiencing. Wild animals with small stature will be the target that you will be able to hunt and collect the necessary items to use and maintain the health of your warrior. At the same time, each tool you craft has its durability that you will need to consider. From there, you will try to find things to build your workshop, and you will have a chance to create what you need more conveniently.

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The characters that you can choose to start Niffelheim APK include Viking, Valkyrie, Berserker, and Shaman. You will find their information and stats to select the character depending on your impression. At the same time, even though you already have weapons available, they are fragile against the types of monsters you meet on the way if you are not careful. Similar to hunting wild animals, tiny monsters like spiders will ultimately be defeated.

You will find elements like dungeons or some mines that include titanium and gold ore resources. But they are not safe places because there will always be powerful enemies. You will encounter poisoned environments, and your health will be reduced. Some monsters like wolves will bite you and deal a great deal of damage. If you lose health, your movement speed will also decrease, and it will be difficult for you to get out of dangerous situations. You will create powerful equipment to counter them later.




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