naroth mod apk

Naroth MOD APK v1.51 Mod Unlimited Money

Naroth MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.51
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :67MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Naroth MOD APK – adventure action-RPG from the first person where the main character goes in the footsteps of his father. On the way to his goal, he will visit many locations to fight with a huge number of wild animals and monsters, get treasures and will uncover many secrets and mysteries. Also, the character will communicate with the residents of the huge open world and descend into the dark dungeons. The player will have great graphics, exciting quests, large Arsenal of weapons and a few hours of rich gameplay.

Naroth MOD APK – Your hero, in search of information about the missing father, is sent to Naroth is a small settlement between the two kingdoms Vilden and Jarrad. In the study of one of the abandoned mines, you will learn about the terrible secret that was carefully trying to hide. Now your life is in danger. Do you have enough courage to walk to the end of the game and uncover all the secrets of his father? Explore dungeons and the countryside, interacting with the locals, and find new items for clues. Gain experience and improve your skills!

Naroth MOD APK is a first-person RPG set in a medieval open world. You’re free to move throughout a gigantic map where you can find towns full of villagers to talk to, woods plagued with wild enemies, and dungeons filled with traps.


At the beginning of the adventure, you have to answer a few questions to determine your character’s personality. After that short introduction, your adventure starts and can take more than 12 hours to complete. In Naroth, you can find more than 30 different missions, more than 50 characters to interact with, and hundreds of objects between potions and equipment.


The controls and gameplay are typical for the genre. You can move your hero freely through the map and attack whoever you want. You can even attack villagers, although that’s probably not a very good idea. The only downside is that the battle system is a little rough, just like in the Elder Scrolls saga (one of Naroth MOD APK’s main influences).


Naroth MOD APK is a first-person RPG that wouldn’t stand out on a different platform but does on Android. It doesn’t have amazing graphics, but what it does have is an enormous amount of content and a huge world waiting for you to explore.


The collision of armor and beasts, the friction of weapons, feel the cruelty and glory of the medieval knight’s adventure. Players control heroic knights and challenge various daunting bosses; and collect gold coins and experience points to improve their abilities.

You travel to Naroth MOD APK, a green plateau located between the kingdoms of Vilden and Jarrad. On your quest for information about your father, you descend deeper and deeper into the abandoned mines to finally discover a threatening secret. Are you brave enough to face the danger?


Naroth MOD APK is an open world, fantasy action RPG in 3D. In a first person view, you wander the wilderness and the villages of Naroth, talk to the locals and explore the dungeons. You gain experience, improve your skills and find new items.


Naroth MOD APK is completely free (no ads, no in-app-purchases) and completely in English, German, Russian or Turkish.

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open world, fantasy role playing game with dungeon crawler elements
– offline, single player gameplay
– 3D first person perspective
– freely accessible world with 3 villages and other locations
– over 3 dozen quests…
– …and even more NPCs
– 15 different enemy types
– 30 dungeon levels
– over 100 items to find and purchase
– long-ranged and melee weapons
– alchemy system
– comprehensive skill tree
– auto-mapping
– quest log
– up to 15 hours of playing time




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