my pocket galaxy mod apk

My Pocket Galaxy MOD APK v1.80 Mod Unlocked Full Game

My Pocket Galaxy MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.80
Mod Info :Unlocked Full Game
Size :46MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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My Pocket Galaxy MOD APK – a unique simulator in which the player will take the role of the Creator of the galaxy. He has to create planets and other cosmic objects to push them together, to observe the birth or the destruction of life, as well as the rotation of planets in orbit around the Sun. All user waiting for more than a hundred different objects of boundless space, any gamer will be pleased with realistic physics, beautiful graphics with special effects and availability of various achievements.

My Pocket Galaxy MOD APK  – is an original simulation with a huge set of content and features. Here, the players will not only explore space, but also become involved in the emergence of entire life systems. Imagine that you have limitless possibilities and everything you need to create life. You can create not just one planet, but entire galaxies using the right combinations of elements. The scale of the gameplay of the content is reminiscent of Planet Genesis 2 – 3D solar system sandbox.

When you start working on the first planets, you need to come up with a name for your system, after which you can proceed to the most interesting. On every created planet, life can arise or disappear, if you so desire. To unlock new opportunities, you will need to go through a certain stage of development. In general, you will have access to about a hundred different space objects that you can add to systems. And thanks to customizable parameters, you can make each planet completely unique.

If you had the power, how would you create the solar system? What planets or stars would you choose? How would you place them in orbit? Are you interested in Astronomy and looking for a powerful yet easy to use 3d simulation sandbox game, to create and simulate a whole new galaxy with realistic physics rules? Then you’ve come to the right place. My Pocket Galaxy MOD APK, the 3D sandbox game, provides you the ultimate power to explore the infinite space and simulate your own universe where you customise each different planet, gas giant, and star. Destroy on an unimaginable scale.

Create Your Own Universe
Build your own universe, and simulate all the planet orbits in infinite space with this realistic physics sandbox. Customize your entire solar system down to the individual star, planet, and moon. Give your alien planet repulsive gravity or even create a replica of the Earth, your imagination is the limit.

Destroy an entire Solar System
Become the ultimate planet destroyer or solar smasher, in the best galaxy destruction game! Tap in space to unleash a barrage of asteroids on an unsuspecting world. Destroy planets using a solar ray or freeze them with the ice ray.

Realistic Gravity Simulation

See how your pocket universe plays out over time with the in built realistic physics simulator. Observe as your creations flourish or collapse into destruction. Intervene like a god with physics tools to affect the orbit of planets, heat them up, cool them down or explode them!

Explore And Unlock

With endless variations of planets, stars ,and more; you’ll never run out of creative options. Smash planets together and affect planet conditions to unlock new types. Explore how life develops in your solar system through the planet journal.

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Space game with beautiful 3d graphics, realistic gravity, and destruction simulation.
Huge variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants and stars.
Unlimited customization.
Gravity simulator with realistic orbit physics.
Screenshot your universe and share it with family and friends.
Unlock new achievements for your world building.
Interactive journal to track your universe sandbox.
Save and load games.




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