my dear farm mod apk

My Dear Farm MOD APK v1.8.4 Mod Unlimited Money

My Dear Farm MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.8.4
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :143MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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My Dear Farm MOD APK is a suitable and perfect choice for those who love farming and farming games like the once scorching game that everyone has probably tried, like Village and Farm. As in other farm games, the manufacturer has upgraded and updated more features to increase the sense of fun and satisfaction when players experience this game.


Starting in the game, from a small garden with simple plots of land, you will start to build a shop and sell the items you create. You will be able to choose your character and change your character’s appearance and hairstyle and start participating in building a unique farm in your gardening adventure as the best farmer. You can improve your farmland by upgrading equipment, items needed for the garden and embarking on decorating the territory, then planting trees to grow your business and participate in the trading market.

After planting the seeds to grow your business and reaping the fruits of your labor, you will sell those products to the customers who visit your farm. To maintain the number of customers, you will have to decorate your farm beautifully in your own style and continuously produce finished products after your hard-working sessions in your garden. Buy new seeds with the money you earn, then equip your garden.

With a variety of farm jobs, you’ll gain experience growing, breeding, harvesting, and selling your products to likable customers. At the same time, you will also feel the hard work of the farmers through this game.


This is a farm simulation game, so the manufacturer has met almost all the requests and suggestions of players after this launch. One of the outstanding features of the game publisher is the simple but not boring gameplay style, anime-style graphics that satisfy players, especially young people. My Dear Farm MOD APK can be said to be the complete farm version because of the enthusiastic improvements that the manufacturer brings.

Starting from an amateur gardener, you will fulfill your dream of becoming the largest farm owner with your efforts and construction efforts. You will not have to face any obstacles, but unleashing your creativity in your own garden, accurate farming, and business planning will be the key to your success in building the most magnificent farm.


It must be said that the publisher has invested and listened to a lot of contributions and comments from players who are very enthusiastic when constantly upgrading and perfecting the shortcomings of the game; that’s why it is not boring for all players. This is the reason why the game is always loved by children and receives positive feedback. You will surely enjoy the game’s intuitive interface and simple but equally attractive gameplay.

The game doesn’t stop at planting and harvesting and makes you the ultimate designer by decorating the farm to make it unique. If you never thought you would become a farm owner, come to My Dear Farm MOD APK – a place that will make you immerse yourself in agriculture and the difficulties and farmers have to go through. Planting and collecting products yourself will bring you unforgettable feelings after tiring moments. Get creative and work with your style.

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  1. Become a farm owner farmer and enjoy rural life
  2. Grow, harvest, and decorate as you like
  3. Have fun with the collection of finished products and trade in the fairground
  4. Simple operation, light graphics create a comfortable feeling when playing




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