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Mr Meat 2 MOD APK v1.0 Mod Enemy Don’t Attack

Mr Meat 2 MOD APK

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The escape horror genre is an excited subgenre of horror games. After the success of Mr. Meat, the second installment has been published. Mr Meat 2 MOD APK is now available, and it has received a lot of positive reviews. 

It got 4.8-star rating with more than a hundred thousand downloads. In this game, the goal is to escape from prison with new enemies and puzzles to solve.

The game follows the story of the first one where the zombie Mr. Meat has been captured by the police. He’s a zombie that has tried to take his daughter hostage but were saved by the players.

Now, he’s been scheduled to be executed in the prison and the people related to the case was going to watch. But things went sideways and now, your goal is to save everyone and get out of the prison. But nothing can be easier because there are new enemies in the place!

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What’s New in Mr Meat 2 MOD APK?

A lot of people enjoy a good horror game to play. Escape games in general has been well-received. Now, Mr Meat 2 MOD APK is here, and it’s got a lot of new elements in store for us. 

First, the story continues from the past game where the people involved will watch Mr. Meat’s execution. But before that even happens, he escapes in the prison and has turned everyone into pigs. You will now play as Rebecca as you try to save everyone and escape.

The game works just like every other escape horror game where there are numerous puzzles to solve. You’ll be able to move around, use various weapons, stand up, crouch, and get various items.

There are objectives here in place to help you to know what you need to do. But you’ll need to avoid the enemies and in worst cases, fight them. Expect a lot of endings that can be positive or negative depending on your choices. Can you escape from the prison?

Why Play Mr Meat 2 MOD APK?

After the success of the first game in the series, Mr. Meat is back to make us into meat. If you’re wondering what’s in store for you in this game, check this section out:

New protagonist and enemies

– If you’ve played the first game, then you’ll know that Rebecca is Mr. Meat’s daughter who has rescued. Now, you’ll play as her. Then, there’s Susan, Michelle, Anthony, Mr. Meat, Pig 13 and more. The jail will be full of pigs that were once people who you’ll need to all save.

Interactive puzzles – 

The game is a horror escape one where the only way to escape is by solving puzzles. This game is full of interactive puzzles like finding clues, interacting with doors, getting keys, and more. But if you encounter enemies, then you can use whatever weapon you have. This includes weapons like stun guns, pistols and more.

Different endings – 

Mr. Meat 2 also lets you come to different endings depending on how you solve the puzzles. This means that you can end the game positively or negatively. You can get killed or you can save everyone and escape.

Narrative cinematics – 

The game has prepared some cinematics with dialogues for fans to enjoy. In the beginning, the characters will be introduced and there are a few dialogues. There are also dialogues while players are solving puzzles and at the end.

3D Graphics and controls – 

In the game, players can move freely with the movement pad. The players can also interact with objects like doors, storage boxes, keys and more. You can pick up items that you can use from weapons to keys and more.

Hint and mission system – 

Here, you can get a hint if you’re stuck by watching a video ad for free. The hint will then give you all the steps you need to take. There’s also the mission system which will guide you on what to do.

Effective Tips to Escape in Mr. Meat 2

Since this is a horror puzzle game, you might get stuck at some levels. Don’t worry, we’ve found some tips to help you while you can also try different things.

First, you must pick up the powdered cement outside pick it up and use it on the door with the lock. The code to the door isn’t written anywhere. So, you’ll use the cement powder to see the most used keys marked which is the code. You can guess the code, but we found it to be 085.

Another tip is to use the video hint only if you’re stuck. You’ll only get a limited number of hints to use so you must make it last! 




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