mouse trap the board game mod apk

Mouse Trap – The Board Game! MOD APK v1.0.8 Mod Unlocked All

Mouse Trap – The Board Game! MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.0.8
Mod Info :Unlocked All Skins
Size :175MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Welcome to the wonderful world of Mouse Trap – The Board Game MOD APK. This game brings you back to the fun and excitement of the classic mouse splint board game. Start your adventure now! Let’s see who can successfully avoid the trap, capture the opponent, and become the ultimate winner!

You will enter a mouse world full of adventure and strategy. Your goal is to move from the start to the end as quickly as possible, avoiding traps and catching other players’ mice. The game adopts the classic board game rules, you need to move your mouse according to the points of the dice, and trigger various organs and traps on the way. Get ready to face thrilling obstacles like rolling balls, seesaws, slides and more! At the same time, you can use power-ups and strategies to interfere with other players and get them into trouble.

You can relive the fun of classic board games and feel the fun of intense competition and strategic decision-making. Plunge into this mouse world full of memories and laughter with friends and create unforgettable playtime together.

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Cheesy Hasbro Family Fun

Mouse Trap – The Board Game! MOD APK is back with a snap! It’s the chaotic board game you remember, on your mobile! Join your friends and race to collect the most cheese.

Are you ready? Welcome to the cheese board of your dreams. Choose your mouse, and your outfit, and GO! Strategize as you play. PICK-UP cheese, STEAL cheese, HOARD cheese, and WIN with the MOST cheese! When your friends get too bold, trigger the action contraption and watch the famous chain reaction unfold. Will it work? Hold your breath and feel the tension!



Bring your friends and family together for a race to collect all the cheese!


It’s an ad-free experience, which means nothing gets in the way of your fun!


Turn the wi-fi off and play on the go with epic A.I. opponents!


Join friends and family for classic board game fun, wherever they are!

PASS & PLAY (offline)

Pass a single device from player to player! Perfect for long journeys.


Choose from the classic mouse colours, red, blue, yellow and green!


22 outfits come with the game and you can buy more*


At the end of every game the cheese you have is added to your cheese hoard. Use your cheese to unlock new outfits!


We bring the board games you love to life on mobile. These include the Hasbro classics: Monopoly, Clue / Cluedo, The Game of Life 2, and Battleship. Our aim is to bring families and friends together with their favourite games, no matter how far away they are.





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