monument valley 2 apk

Monument Valley 2 APK v3.3.492 Apk Full Paid

Monument Valley 2 APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :3.3.492
Mod Info :Full Paid
Size :266MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Monument Valley 2 APK is a relaxing puzzle game that uses beautiful graphic concepts, soothing sounds, and interesting stories for players to enjoy. The game is a sequel to the popular series, which comes with many of those verses and new soul doors for you to admire the great beauties the game boasts.

The impression from the puzzle genre, especially the Monument Valley series, always gives players a lot of emotions when completing levels through the ability to observe and think geometrically. That also applies in this game, many new elements are added, and the appearance of new characters also contributes to the story. In addition, many new puzzles are built on many new and confusing things if you are not in good spirits or vision. In addition to the signature puzzle elements, the game also expands the story into a new area. You must control a pair of lovable characters to complete the levels most uniquely. If you are looking for a relaxing puzzle game that always makes you wonder, this game will be an appropriate choice and promises to bring a lot of outstanding emotions.


The biggest difference between this part to the previous one is the improvement in the environment and graphics to make the world come to life and give the player more exploration. That includes spontaneity or structural changes continually creating a strong first impression on people. The character interactions also greatly affect the environment, and everything is sketched in the most vivid, brilliant, and flashy way, making your visual experience complete.


The plot will continue the previous season’s ending, but now it comes with new characters and always makes gameplay more lively or interesting. The stories do not need any words, just relying on the actions of the characters and what happens around them is enough for you to grasp its content. Event sequels will enrich the story in various ways, leading you to new areas and admiring great moments like the images.


The Monument Valley series has become so popular because the sentence structures are built as structures that don’t follow any rules, but they have an illusion in between. Only when you rotate the view to the right angle will the paths appear, which shows that 3D is exhaustive and always makes you look from all angles to progress the puzzle. The design and use of colors are also excellent and subtle in this game, making every puzzle feel new and not repetitive.


The game is built around point ‘n click mechanics, and you need to specify the characters to move to multiple suitable locations so that the environment constantly distorts. Many mechanics will appear scattered throughout the level and, when interacting, will produce many different results, and you can directly interact with certain terrains to create paths. Combining the 3D environment with the continuous levels changes promises to bring many eye-catching results and make everyone’s gameplay experience complete in every detail.


In addition to the top-notch 3D graphics effects, the game also makes great use of sound to take your senses to the next level. Gentleness and serenity are expressed through the melodies, and even the sound of moving or bumping mechanisms is pure, making everything real. In addition, the character interaction will always leave many highlights, combined with the melodic music to make every cutscene exude an irresistible beauty and simultaneously make the story more colorful.


The game’s pacing is slow for the player to admire the beauty of everything and enjoy the distinctive sound in each level, making the replay value high in everything. The game also regularly introduces new DLC, including new costumes, content, and levels to satisfy everyone. The structure and improvement in the content are also refined and promise to bring a sense of completeness to everyone when immersed in the journey or story light to the soul.


Most puzzles use 3D elements to make the pathfinding process more stimulating and enjoyable, but their real beauty is the underlying architectural culture. Every puzzle is realistically and animatedly designed based on various familiar cultures, and they will constantly evolve and change as you progress. That shows the hidden beauty in every puzzle, even what you see in front of you is not the final form, and stimulates you to search for the real answer.

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Unlike the previous game, the player will have to progress everything alone, but this game emphasizes the synergy of various characters and many helpful friends. That’s why the architectures are designed to control two characters simultaneously, and you must interact with many things for all the mechanisms to work properly. The game will have more surprises, making the plot or journey unique and new instead of discovering everything alone.




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