minimal dungeon rpg mod apk

Minimal Dungeon RPG MOD APK v1.6.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Minimal Dungeon RPG MOD APK

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Minimal Dungeon RPG MOD APK – RPG for Android, made in a minimalist style. In this game you will play the role of an ancient demon who needs to fight with many monsters. Get your powerful weapons and take the fight for survival against an army of monsters and powerful bosses. In the game you have squares that contain quests, monsters, dungeons, and shops. Move through the dungeons consisting of rooms and collect loot and upgrade your hero. Defeat the final boss and go to the next level.

In the deep valley of Casa, a light beam rushed into the night sky. YOU…were born.
As a fragment of the ancient Demon Lord, you will open an adventure to seek for the mystery of your origins. However, the adventure can never go smoothly. Starting from the valley of Casa, you will trek through this threatening continent. The monsters, stoneman and wolf can all feel something unusual inside you, something that awakens the fears deep in their souls. They want to kill you! All you need to do is wielding your weapons to defeat them one by one. The more enemies you slay, the more loots you gain. You become stronger and stronger. After breaking down numerous barriers, you encounter the final Boss! Who will be the Lord of this land? YOU will if you win!
Minimal Dungeon RPG MOD APK is an innovative RPG that is based on the classic one. Multiple rooms are connected into dungeons. Tasks, monsters, and rewards are all simplified into squares in the rooms. You can just click on the squares to play and crawl through the dungeons. A fan of dungeon crawlers will not want to miss the game! In this game, you can experience the pleasure of classic RPG, simulation and strategic dungeon-style games. A rich and immersive storyline runs throughout the whole game. It’s quite simple, easy and fun!
Minimal dungeons is the most amazing rpg game app with dungeons and monsters and a lot of action gameplay. With this game the players will get to enjoy the fast paced action and monster fights. This game app is specially designed for the players who love to play the epic adventure games and role playing games. In this game the players have to fight and survive from the monsters and different enemies. The enemies in this game are of many different types and each have some serious ability to harm the players like brutal strength, speed and many more.  The levels in this game app are very challenging and the players have created and developed their own strategies to win them. There are many scary and deadly dungeons in this game which are filled with many treasures and have many scary monsters.
This game app has many unique features with stunning graphics and high quality animated effects. The characters in this game are designed with high quality animated effects and they all have epic fighting strength. The maps in this game app are made with realistic high quality animated effects. The players can practice and develop many unique combo moves to win the challenging levels. This game has a user friendly interface with smooth and easy controls. So download this game for free and play to enjoy the epic fights.

Game features:

* Innovative gameplay with minimalist and simplified dungeon style
* Epic dungeons full of loots and unexpected monsters
* A fascinating, rich storyline. Who is Claude on earth?!
* Sidemissions and Dreamland to get extra materials and lucky treasure
* All your equipment and items are stored in the Bag. A magic Store can meet your purchase needs for all resources
This game has been awarded one of the Best 2020 Innovative Games by Google Play!



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