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Mine Quest 2 MOD APK v2.2.30 Mod Unlimited Money

Mine Quest 2 MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.2.30
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :80MB
Online/Offline :Offline


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Mine Quest 2 MOD APK is a game where the player controls the hunter Bragan to explore resource-rich locations and mysterious enemies. Players will be able to use their energy to destroy rocks and retrieve the dropped resources for later use. Also, battles will need to occur if that’s what the level requires, and the player will use the character’s skills to win the turn-based battle.


Mine Quest 2 MOD APK’s story follows a character named Bragan, a dwarf, and begins the level with the story of his grandpa. Since childhood, he has heard grandpa Orli’s story and knows that his grandpa once saved the world. But one day, Orli continued her journey and found land called Aesis Orli’s friends also continued to search, but no one returned. The story is directed towards reality and when an unexpected event occurs.

Bragan found a mysterious person who gave him a strange stone and then died. The main character doesn’t know too much about these magical items and goes to Tude for help. During the stone research, a strange phenomenon occurred when a monster appeared from within the stone, and Bragan was forced to find a way to destroy it. From there, the journey to discover mysterious places begins, and the player will accompany him through the dangers.


Players will see the character appear in a strange location in Mine Quest 2 MOD APK, and the road ahead is blocked by rocks made of different resources. The character will move the character forward to destroy them with the available tools, and the resource fragments will be put in the player’s pocket. At the same time, each player’s activity consumes a certain amount of energy located near the character’s status bar.

Players will be able to explore different areas and freely use the energy they desire. At the same time, players also need to pay attention to the requirements this game requires to complete the screen well. That could be looking for monster targets to take down or destroy a certain rock in the game. The player can also find some chests with mysterious rewards appearing during the exploration.

Players will not be able to know what lies ahead clearly, and they need to destroy the rocks in front, and inevitably, dangerous enemies will appear. You will need to fight them because sometimes the level requirements require you to do so. In addition, the battle will be carried out through a turn-based attack mechanism when the player uses a basic or special attack to destroy the enemy quickly. You need to prioritize killing a target because they can use the heal skill.


When players complete a level in Mine Quest 2 MOD APK, they will receive different rewards. These bonuses completely help the player grow, especially the experience points, and the player will see the main stats of the character change. Specifically, the health index is improved to survive longer in the game, or the amount of energy is more to be able to collect many important items in each level.

Besides stats, the character’s strength is determined by the equipment owned, and of course, players need to find resources and the blueprint. The number of blueprints met is a condition to unlock access to a corresponding item. The player will then continue to gather enough resources to craft these items. Therefore, high-quality items will constantly appear that players cannot ignore.

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  1. Bragan tells the story of his grandfather and the unexpected event that happens to him when he meets the stone that creates monsters.
  2. He begins his journey to explore different locations where there are resources that the player can collect after destroying the rocks.
  3. This collection will require the player to use the energy he has, and each level has a requirement that the player must complete.
  4. Battles will occur when players find monsters behind the rocks, and they will use Bragan’s skills to take down enemies.
  5. The experience will help the character development, especially the stats, and players will try to collect powerful equipment through crafting.




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