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Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK v2.84 Mod Unlimited Money

Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK


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Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK – shooter which events unfold in the post-apocalyptic world, and the whole game is made in the style of a cyberpunk. In contrast to the classic representatives of the genre in this project, you have to fight on various vehicles, while you can choose the technique, armored tank, or opposite the nimble lightly armed jeep. Of course, all the equipment can be improved and upgraded, which is useful in various game modes. Excellent three-dimensional graphics and detailed locations and objects perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk, and colorful animation will complement the picture of the battle.

Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK gives you levels full of enemies that you need to overcome. You can quickly attack them and complete the level if you are careful and pay attention to your surroundings. At the same time, at each level, you will be able to choose items that you can use at the start or pick up powerful weapons to destroy those who stand in your way quickly. Many different soldiers are waiting for you to unlock.

You will control the character in a 2D environment, and it is entirely convenient for you to move, aim at enemies, and do many other activities. Also, before entering the first level, you’ll need to pass a tutorial level to get access to more accessible mechanics or test your control skills. In addition, you also realize that the character you own has a rather limited health bar with only three bars.

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Players will be able to find a variety of weapons in Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK, and the first weapon is the base weapon used by the character and can attack regular soldiers. At the same time, you can also easily find some blue weapon crates with corresponding gun icons that players can recognize during the game. Of course, they will only be used within a specific limit, and if you’re lucky, you can find a new weapon crate.

At the start of the game, you will find several support options that you can use the money to buy. The first element is super speed, which helps boost the character’s speed and make it easier for you to move. At the same time, vehicles possess mighty destructive power that you can climb in or out at any time you want. In addition, the armor plate has a shield to limit damage and a bag of grenades that can explode enemies at any time.

There are many types of enemies that you will find in this game, such as fully armed soldiers, drones, and even giant bosses. A special feature of normal enemies is pushing a row of iron crates forward and taking down the enemy ahead. Also, in some boss levels, you’ll get reinforcements through in-game recovery and weapon boxes and find the right time to strike.


Players will control many soldiers in Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK, such as Jonny, Chuck, Jackie, and other powerful people. At the same time, you can also equip them with powerful items and upgrade their health to survive longer in the fight.

Players will experience many challenging matches with many highly entertaining elements:

  1. They will control a soldier tasked with destroying enemies of various types in a specific location and withdrawing safely.
  2. Each level has elements that you can take advantage of, such as high-damage weapons or iron crates that damage enemies.
  3. There are different types of enemies that you can easily find and figure out how to destroy them and carefully dodge their attacks.
  4. When starting a level, you will receive support suggestions and spend money to buy them and complete the level.
  5. The number of soldiers you will own is diverse, but their health is quite limited in the first levels and needs to be upgraded over time.




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