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Metal Ranger MOD APK v3.41 Mod Unlimited Money

Metal Ranger MOD APK

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Metal Ranger MOD APK is a 2D shooter with a nostalgic feel of the 1980s sci-fi action movies and games.

You are playing as a ranger wearing powerful steel armor.

Your enemies are giant alien mutant insects.


Take advantage of a great variety of deadly weapons! Choose from an assault rifle, the M134 Minigun machine gun, a grenade launcher, a laser gun, a plasma gun, and a flamethrower.

Complete missions, earn coins, and get armor and HP upgrades.


Start your journey in the factory compound of a Martian colony and fight your way through eerie industrial underground vaults and narrow metal walkways, on to a futuristic city with a retro / cyberpunk ambience. Test the mettle of your Metal Ranger against a huge armored slug, a gigantic spider, and other truly tough monster bosses.

Neon signs, halos around lights, metal ramps and walkways – add to these the synthwave soundtrack and lots of good old side-scrolling action, and you will get that special feel of the golden era of video games, amusement arcades, and VHS tapes.


Metal Ranger MOD APK – a classic two-dimensional action game with horizontal scrolling which is reminiscent of arcade shooters of the past. So, according to the story you play as a robot Ranger whose main task to stop the invasion of various mutants. While you will have a wide selection of weapons, and perfectly conveys the atmosphere by means of graphics, animations and soundtrack will allow you to experience the entire dynamics of the game.

Metal Ranger MOD APK – 2.5D platform shooter.80th years – the golden era of classic games, among which were very popular shooters and platformers. Metal Ranger was created with a look at games such as Contra, Robocop, Earthworm Jim and many others, but it is favorably distinguished by modern graphics and detailed elaboration. The player will have the best guns (minigun, flamethrower, grenade launcher ..), a variety of enemies (flying, crawling, running monsters) and dozens of levels, to which the classic retro soundtrack is matched.


Metal Ranger MOD APK – is a great action platformer with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Players in the role of a combat robot go to a space station, which is captured by extraterrestrial insects of various sizes and characteristics. The main character needs to cleanse the area of other threats and find the place where those creatures come from. He will help players and an arsenal of weapons.

Metal Ranger MOD APK is a 2D shooter with a nostalgic atmosphere of action movies and science fiction games from the 80s.

You play as a tracker in powerful steel armor.

Your enemies are giant, mutated insects.

Use a wide range of deadly weapons! Choose from an assault rifle, M134 Minigun machine gun, grenade launcher, laser pistol, plasma pistol and flamethrower.


It’s time to act as a special, pleasant and unique chevalier, able to go to the goal, achieve more stunning and unique moments and just move forward, no matter what. If yesterday you could not imagine how to achieve your main and incredible goal, now it becomes a reality, everyone can believe in it. Try to keep moving actively to the set goal and learn to be a member of a society that does not fear any problems and troubles,

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– modern shoot ‘em up platform action;
– authentic 3D locations;
– difficulty increases with every completed mission;
– great selection of weapons: assault rifle, flamethrower, the Minigun machine gun, plasma gun, etc.;
– atmospheric soundtrack reminiscent of the 1980s еlectonic music;
– smooth performance even on older devices;
– eight free levels that can be played without internet access;
– two player co-op multiplayer.

Metal Ranger MOD APK is not just another platform shooter. It is an artistic tribute and a confession of love to the bygone era.


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