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Mekorama MOD APK v1.6.0 Mod Premium Unlocked

Mekorama MOD APK

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Mekorama MOD APK is a puzzle that puts you in the boots of a charming little robot finding its ways through 50 different levels within this epic puzzle game. To do so, you’ll need to choose the spot on your screen where you want it to go, and turn your screen at different angles in order to move around each scenario and find hidden paths.

Visuals within this game are minimalist and evocative. Built on the low-poly scenes they’ll remind players a little of Minecraft, although when playing both games are completely different. You won’t die in Mekorama MOD APK, all you have to do is explore and tilt your phone in order to navigate the game map towards the solution for each challenge.

Mekorama MOD APK is distributed completely for free and doesn’t include any in-game advertising, which is why its monetization system is very romantic considering the market these days. Simply put, its author only asks that players pay him what they think he deserves. If you really enjoy this game an play a lot, you might even feel embarrassed for not contributing at least a little.

Mekorama MOD APK is a fantastic puzzle game by the creator of Odd Bot Out in which you need to guide a small robot to a designated place. The main character has a severe physical breakdown, and now only thanks to your efforts can the robot return home. The game has a character guide through complex levels and rotates the camera for a better view, and guides the character until the robot is at the endpoint. Here you can build any structure from individual blocks, which will be limited only by your imagination. Despite the slight weight of this android game, it has cute, three-dimensional graphics, a fun robot, and many puzzles.


The player must bring the little robot named B to the red mark to complete the level in Mekorama MOD APK. Additionally, the game provides 50 unique levels, as well as several level cards to collect. To play, scan the QR code printed on the card. While players can rotate the blocks and zoom in on them, the block pieces can also alter. What is particularly interesting is that the game offers players the ability to design their levels as well. Despite being simple on the surface, the game’s mechanics become more and more challenging as the game speed increases. It is fantastic because you get to turn the puzzle pieces until you have the solution. Once you discover that, you’ll be able to help B meet the goals they have set out to accomplish. You present with a few simple instructions, and then you can craft your approach to the game. Some puzzles are somewhat tricky, but that does not mean they are hopeless.


The game is easy to play, but each level makes it more difficult. Once you’ve gotten started, tutorials will help, but you will have to rely on your resources after that. A compelling game suitable for people of all ages to hone their problem-solving and logical thinking skills. You can explore the whole level and zoom in on the image to examine the machine models in greater detail. Additionally, you can use predefined classes and make your customized levels. It serves to enlarge the game world, providing players with a wealth of new opportunities to enjoy Mekorama MOD APK.

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Mekorama MOD APK designed graphics take the form of unique and beautiful square blocks. You can change the viewing angle, adjust the device to where you want it, and manipulate the blocks so you can find your way out of the maze—my poor, unfortunate robot. In the game, the player imagines the ability to sketch an entire cube in three dimensions, and to do so, he or she must adopt the idea to the existing three-dimensional space in the game. When gamers are trying to navigate a complicated maze, they must think differently than they usually would.

All you can see are simple, monochromatic colors and details in the maze. The game incorporates a few physical mechanisms and equipment systems to increase the fun, such as mechanisms and equipment operated according to physical principles, which players can explore and tinker with independently. Finally, don’t forget the always there robot, providing you with enjoyable moments of relaxation and entertainment.




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