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Mega Store MOD APK v1.1.4 Mod Unlimited Money

Mega Store MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.1.4
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :63MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Your convenience store in the Mega Store MOD APK can sell everything a human needs. This Store is unique when built by your hands, from the same effort we accumulate with profit. The market wants more and more quality things. But that’s the only way we can move forward. Expand the variety of all the products you want. Serve your customers most reliably. Face every difficulty and overcome it in practical ways that you can think of.

Managing a store in real life is extremely difficult. If you use the Mega Store as a new alternative, this burden is gone. We have a store to manage with a device as compact as a phone. Its development direction will follow you completely. Whether fast or slow, it’s still how you adapt to the market. The idle experience, thanks to many automatic mechanisms, is highly worthwhile. Not only that, but you can also streamline everything. Give yourself great powers to put odd things in easy hands.

Make your Store thrive.

We all see that people buy and sell many things at the Store. So you sell those things at a reasonable price to anyone. They come to accept and pay for all their stuff, and you make a profit. Stalls used for the sale of goods were set up. Expand the area of the Store to accommodate more items. Create a cashier counter that makes it easy for everyone to pay. You get a lot of money for each person who leaves. Therefore, ignoring the opportunity to increase the product’s value is impossible. Trading will constantly evolve so that you can open up exciting possibilities.

Create your character.

What would you like yourself to look like if you were a manager? Surely it will be just as desired because Mega Store MOD APK allows us to change costumes. Many wearables will be given to you to make a change. Color can be changed from pants, clothes, hair, and face to the skin. After you have a character you like, don’t be afraid to find yourself a pet. This pet will follow you and give you a little boost. We will confidently do all the tasks and claim our position. Meet other characters and create a healthy relationship. Your curiosity helps you explore your city.

Destroy the opponent

Your friends are also running a shop of their own. If left alone, they can come and compete for our customers. Don’t let that happen; use the most obnoxious trick. That is calling people to come and destroy their Store. Your staff will smash all the furniture in the opponent’s shop. Then leave and complete the goal you assigned. It goes a massive amount of damage for the enemy to fix. If you want to prevent retaliation, hire security right away. The more advanced the protection, the faster it can stop vandalism. Try to destroy them all, so you get a good position.

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Place new stores in locations with high sales potential for ease of expansion. Local needs store integration and adaptation. That is, what the residents need, you will provide such items. From the clothes to the way of activities, all are imported by that culture. That’s why we can inspire and attract customers to buy more items in the Mega Store MOD APK.




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