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Medieval: Defense & Conquest MOD APK v0.0.89 Mod Unlimited Money

Medieval: Defense & Conquest MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :0.0.89
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :46MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Medieval: Defense & Conquest MOD APK is a strategy tower defense game set in the Middle Ages. In the game, players need to build their own castle and defend it from enemy attacks. At the same time, players can also form their own army and attack the enemy’s castle.

The game provides a variety of different types of buildings and defense facilities, and players need to choose the most suitable buildings and facilities according to the terrain and mission needs. The level of buildings and facilities can be upgraded to improve defense and attack power. Players can also hire different types of troops such as soldiers, archers, and cavalry, and improve the attributes and numbers of the army through upgrades.

The map in the game is very vast, including mountains, forests, grasslands and other terrains. Each map has its own tasks and challenges. Players need to deal with different attack methods and strategies of the enemy in different terrains. The sound effects and background music in the game are also excellent, creating a medieval atmosphere.

A very good strategy tower defense game, the game picture and sound effects are very exquisite, players can experience the medieval battle and defense in the game.

Medieval tower defense strategy with trade, farming, war, and castle building.

Unique mix of wave tower defense, war strategy, idle game, and kingdom management warrior game – all created by me as a single developer.

You are a medieval knight, serving your king as a mercenary. Impressed by your victorious battles and leadership skills, the king offers you a chance of a lifetime – sail on a crusader ship to a new island and start a settlement there.

You will be in charge of both the settlement’s military and economy. Your goal is to build up the crusader settlement, profit from trade and farming, and then use the income to improve your army and defenses. Strong walls manned by archers and ballistas will help you withstand constant enemy attacks. To defend your settlement, you will need to train your army, upgrade equipment, and research new unit types to grow your empire.

Then, once your economy is up and running and your crusader army grows in size and power, it’s time to go on the offensive and start expanding your stronghold. Attack enemy outposts, conquer their walls, and turn them into a new source of income for your growing colony and warrior empire.

Welcome, future king! Your first task is to build up your small village on the coast of an unexplored island. Starting with just a simple wooden fence and a modest fort, you need to grow your defences and train your crusader soldiers to be able to defend yourself against endless waves of enemies.

To be able to withstand constant enemy attacks, you will have to:
• Train your soldiers from simple peasants to experienced warriors
• Build up defences and strenghten your stronghold’s walls
• Place skilled archers and terrifying ballistas on your walls
• Use your blacksmith to get better swords and armors
• Craft more powerful bows and sharper arrows
• Clash for survival against hordes of powerful enemies
• Defeat epic bosses who will try to destroy your village

As your power grows, you will soon have the opportunity to take the initiative from your enemies and go on the offensive. ⚔️ Start conquering small neighbouring outposts – take them, build up their economy, and start earning passive idle income even when offline! ⏳

Together with trading ships, skilled merchants, farmers, and profits from repelled enemies, you will soon be able to build up even better defences, expand your network of money-making outposts, earn more money farming valuable crops, and conquer and unite the whole island under your just rule.


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Medieval: Defense & Conquest MOD APK features:
• 70+ enemy unit types with unique stats and skills
• Boss levels with giant enemies
• 40+ enemy outposts to conquer and develop your economy
• Beautiful pixel art game map and characters
• Idle income and trade progress works even when you are offline
• Your own village, trading ship, merchants, blacksmith, farm
• Upgradable soldiers, knights, archers, and fast horsemen at your service
• Walls which can grow from simple wooden fence to a massive stone castle wall
• Archers who can be placed on your walls to improve passive defence
• Ballistas to boost your defensive efforts
• Merchants and trading ships as source of income
• Bank which automates collecting gold from your outpost colonies
• Skilled blacksmith to improve your gear, armor, swords, and sharper arrows
• …and more fun stuff being added with each future update!

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