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Me is King MOD APK v0.21.7 Mod Unlimited Resources

Me is King MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :0.21.7
Mod Info :Unlimited Resources
Size :80MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Me is King MOD APK is an exciting farming simulation game with a stone-age setting. You will build a large farm for yourself and manage it to become the wealthiest boss. You will be the lord over the tribes and have supreme dominion over your predecessors. This game is entirely different from other farming simulation games, and you will be the manager of your land and control the people to work to collect profits and expand the kingdom.


This is not only a photo editing game, but you also have to perform the task of building your village more developed. You will use the photos available in the game and choose how they perform to collect resources, and food is necessary to help you get a lot of cash. Chop down trees to build houses, hunt ferocious pigs and enjoy your idle farm life. In addition, you will find rare stone age treasures and command your tribe to work to create a prosperous kingdom.


Some residents in Me is King MOD APK will be good at hunting animals, but some residents will be better at gathering resources and building permanent houses. Control your super tribe to do things right and explore more new lands.

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Players will take on the role of a tribal ruler and help the kingdom grow and survive. In order to provide the necessary things for the kingdom, the player must make essential decisions in farming, raising, hunting, and expanding the territory. In addition, you must protect your tribe from the attack of monsters.


To provide food for the inhabitants, you must grow fruit trees, and at the same time, plant trees for wood to build houses. Besides, it would help if you also upgraded your super tribe by feeding them to help them work and grow stronger. Grow your kingdom’s civilization to become a true stone-age empire. Whether you become a millionaire or not depends on your ability and decision. Discover mysterious ruins to decorate your farm.

Jump into Me is King MOD APK, a farming simulation game set in a prehistoric island village! Lord over your tribes with decisions that YOU make! Reign supreme over your cavemen and make them do your bidding! Unlike other farming simulation games or decision based games, you call the shots AND choose how they do it! Manage your resources so your decisions will advance your civilization and turn the prehistoric cavemen into capable farmers, warriors and hunters!

Me is King MOD APK is a vibrant farming decision making game full of prehistoric wonders, wacky decisions, and not-very-smart kings. Cut down trees to make houses, expand your village through decisions that will affect your tribe forever! Farm prehistoric fruit and vegetables, hunt ancient dinosaurs and dictate what your tribes offer you as tribute!


– Decision Making: Choose your choices wisely and watch your tribes grow, or choose them badly and watch your village be destroyed!
– Daily Farming: Raise your crops, you’re not going to stay a castaway forever!
– Resource Management: Some cavemen are suited for hunting, and some cavemen are suited for farming!
– Simple Controls: Simply choose what your villagers should do and wait for the magic to happen!
– Adorable Art: Is there such a thing as cute cavemen? Of course there are!
– Prehistoric Village Tribes: Make decisions that will affect the lives of your villagers and turn them into the best tribe this world has ever seen!
– Watch Time Pass: Time passes in your village, so watch as each day comes and goes!




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