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Maximus 2 MOD APK v3.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Maximus 2 MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :3.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :157MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Maximus 2 MOD APK brings players excitement as they experience battles with various enemies and use the skills of impressive heroes. Featuring the beat-em-up genre, players will continuously travel through various locations to destroy enemies, and they can unlock other potentials and skills for their characters. In addition, powerful bosses with combat mechanics can annoy you.


In Maximus 2 MOD APK, the player takes control of a hero and engages in battles against enemies trying to harm the kingdom. The first level you see takes place on a road that the enemy has destroyed, and you will try to rescue the player and destroy the enemies ahead. At the same time, you will have easy access to the beat-em-up experience that this game offers with straightforward control mechanics.

Players will move in a 2D environment where monsters will constantly appear to try to destroy them. At the same time, you also see its HP bar, so you can quickly kill one target and go to other targets. The environment provides freedom for the player as they can freely move up and down or left to right as you like to dodge enemies and choose the right time to counterattack. Surely you will quickly grasp the basic mechanics of the game.


The first job you will do in Maximus 2 MOD APK is choosing a hero you feel is suitable. The game offers you six heroes with different characteristics and shapes, such as Penrose holding an ax, Julius wielding a shield and sword, and others. In addition, you also see the characteristics of the appearance and weapons they are holding, and from there, you will easily choose the hero class you want to use. Over time, you will discover the character’s abilities.

Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be sent to a level where you’ll face an unpredictable number of opponents. You will choose a suitable attack position and try not to be surrounded by other enemies. At the same time, the character’s ability to attack will usually be done continuously, and you certainly won’t want it to be interrupted by enemies. New enemies constantly appear before you, and you will need to be careful when facing them.

When experiencing a fantasy game, anyone knows they have to face many different types of enemies. Each type has its way of attacking and causing discomfort, and players are forced to adapt to that. Also, there will usually be a boss waiting with a larger HP bar and greater stamina at the end of a stage. They differ from regular monsters in that they will have their attack mechanism and can jump to another location at any time.


When you control a character in Maximus 2 MOD APK, you’re sure to find different attacks you can use. Specifically, you can easily hit your enemies with normal attacks that can be perfected over time and special attacks. The frequency with which you can use the second type of attack will be less than the first, but the effect will be higher. In addition, new buttons appear associated with new skills.

The character’s abilities will continuously improve, and skills will be unlocked when a new level is reached. It can be a passive skill that comes with a basic attack or an active skill for you to activate at any time. Also, multi-target attacks like wrath can hit monsters standing near you. You also do not forget to check out the character’s basic information to learn more details and use the newly acquired equipment.

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  1. Players will control heroes through many levels with enemies, and they will use heroes’ skills to overcome challenges.
  2. In the beginning, the player will receive confident choices from the classes selection, and each class has different combat characteristics.
  3. Each character can use normal or special attack skills, and they will be careful with bosses with diverse movement mechanics.
  4. Over time, the number of skills that the character unlocks completely varies from single-target attacks to wide-area attacks.
  5. The strength and level of the characters will increase, and you will learn their characteristics and equip them with the necessary things.




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