magnet miner mod apk

Magnet Miner MOD APK v1.33 Mod Unlimited Money

Magnet Miner MOD APK

Requires Android :5.0+
Current Version :1.33
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :57MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Magnet Miner MOD APK is a very simple and unpretentious game from the developers of Ray Mobile Games. The player will gain control over a large magnet in it. Your task is to launch the magnet into the mine and collect as many different iron objects as possible. Do not overestimate your strength. Initially, you can only pull out three things. However, increase power of the magnet with the help of improvements. You will be able to pump the strength of the magnet, the depth of its penetration, as well as the amount of earnings. Various inhabitants of the underworld will try to interfere with you. Therefore, you production amounts can greatly decrease. Pump, improve and try to move as close as possible to the center of the Earth. If you are looking for simple games, then also download Going Balls and Zen Shards – Idle Merge Game.

Magnet Miner MOD APK does not require any special skills from the user, but it is still able to captivate many users. Simple and addictive – this is exactly what this game is.

Launch the magnet and return with treasure

Players get a powerful magnet at disposal. You also have a deep mine, where many treasures lie. However, getting them is not easy. You need to throw the device there and magnetize as many things as possible. There are various items in the mine – from household appliances to jewelry. In general, the gameplay is extremely simple. Lower the magnet, point it at the iron object and pull it out. When the trophies are on the surface, you can count your catch. We can say that there are no other mechanics in the app. All you need is to lower the magnet into the shaft over and over again and return with a valuable cargo.

Pump the magnet

If the game consisted only of diving into the mine, it would be too boring. Therefore, developers of Magnet Miner MOD APK have provided an interesting pumping system in the game that allows you to improve your machine. In total, three areas are available for upgrading. The first is the strength of the magnet. If initially you can pull only three items on himself, then each subsequent improvement will add one more unit. Thus, you can get more benefits at a time.

You can also pump the depth of the magnet. Each upgrade adds ten meters. The deeper into the mine, the more valuable the prizes. The third improvement concerns income. You will earn a more significant amount for each item. You can later spend it on the same pumping.

Extremely simple gameplay

Few people do not know this, but now developers release so many new projects using the concept of “time killers”. This concept leads to a very noticeable simplification of the gameplay, which is suitable for those who cannot spend a lot of time playing games. Such projects are also of interest to a young audience, since such gamers are not yet ready for hardcore and intricate gameplay. By the way, a representative of any of the popular genres can become a time killer. This time we are talking about a casual project that has no age restrictions at all. After all, everyone can press one button to start the magnet, regardless of age.

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Graphics and sound

Magnet Miner MOD APK has two-dimensional graphics, while the picture is bright and colorful, which again can be attractive for the youngest gamers. It should also be noted and funny soundtrack.




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