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Magician’s Saga MOD APK v1.3.1 Mod Unlimited Money

Magician’s Saga MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.3.1
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :40MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Magician’s Saga MOD APK is developing very strongly and creating a majestic atmosphere for players by adding new attractive features. This is a unique action-oriented game; players are always looking for a role right in this game. The game will allow you to use your own spells to contribute to the town and regain all that has been lost for this town. Players also need to show their own abilities and always look for the features that they lack to complement the battle.


In the beautiful town, the magicians and the villagers lived in peace, and one day appeared hordes of ferocious monsters. These monsters seem to want to come to your town and destroy everything in it. But with the ability and many barriers to repel those dangers, but not for long, those enemies appear again, and you need to show your ability.

The king seemed to be frightened by these brutal attacks, so he gathered the villagers to come up with the right plans. In the village, there were great magicians and influential people gathered together, and including you, you joined in the discussion. You are the youngest mage with power, and it seems that everything is set out to need your participation. You are also the person the king appoints to take over his own town.


It would help if you summoned a large force to defend the big town to train your allies. Magician’s Saga MOD APK wishes you could go to new areas to build a solid squad. However, it would help if you also chose soldiers because there may be strong attackers or disguise themselves as civilians to approach you. The game will also give you great ideas and suggestions so that you can form the strongest squad to protect the town.

You can capture many soldiers and spread them over large areas with your ability. Troops will evacuate to new areas and hide in the bushes to confront the big enemy. It would help if you gave more weapons to defeat those enemies and stand up to reclaim your own area. You can also use a series of quick response features in case of a bad situation. At the same time, you also need to receive more magic to respond in time.


To create the most potent atmosphere, you need to send more troops deep into the large trench areas. Magician’s Saga MOD APK wishes you to be able to bring out your full potential as well as show the level of the leader. If you can drive all those soldiers away from your area and protect the town well, you will become more majestic gain more power from the king.

What you can do is kill as many enemies and monsters as you can; the more points you will win. That number of points helps you exchange for upgrades and become more prosperous than ever. Players need to use magic wands to destroy larger enemies and become more powerful. This wand is full of spells, and when you have all the spells, then you are the strongest with the right to take over our own towns.

Wars always create a new spirit, and Magician’s Saga MOD APK always brings a breath of fresh air to you. Players need to promote the hidden abilities in you and always build long-term battles. Wars are always more interesting, and you will also have other support features. Become a powerful young mage and bring all the quintessence to your town. The game wants to make feats and confidently step to the top of this town.

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  1. Become a young mage capable of capturing events as well as quelling wars in this small town.
  2. Identify the targets that you need to destroy and create large walls to reduce those attacks.
  3. Always adding missing spells and honing your aura to stand up to those onslaughts.
  4. Use your ability to cover the front lines and defeat large hordes of monsters to get the number of points the game requires.
  5. Take the magic wand to the next level for a chance to hit harder and go deeper into their burrows.




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