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Like A Dino! MOD APK v2.3.3 Mod Unlimited Money

Like A Dino! MOD APK

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Introduce about Like A Dino! MOD APK

Dinosaur nourishing game to the tune, so gentle and sweet!

Adorable entertainment game

Like A Dino! MOD APK is a rhythm game with a simple tempo, brief gameplay, and “gentle” graphics. You will be a lovely green dinosaur, a long-necked herbivorous dinosaur. Your only task is simply to raise your baby dinosaur’s neck by catching the joints falling from above to the rhythm of the music in each scene. Each neck joint that falls and you run to it in time to get it will help the cute dinosaur grow a little more and score more points in the game.

But what even more super adorable is that the “falling” tempo of these joints follows the beat of the soundtrack. So, in addition to following the image to catch the right stop, you are also free to play to the tune of the game to anticipate the directions as well as the speed and number of drops of these joints. A smooth combination of hand dexterity on left and right touches of the screen, along with listening and juggling to the tune will lead you to success when playing this game.

Playing this game is even suitable for a child. However, because of its simplicity, intelligibility, and undeniable melody, Like A Dino! MOD APK deserves to become one of the greatest suggestions for office lunch breaks.

Each stage is a different point

Like A Dino! MOD APK uses 2D graphics, simple and gentle hand-drawn lines. In the game you will see a green dinosaur, with a small head and a part of the neck that also has the potential to lengthen. With just moving and touching the screen left and right, you will control your dinosaur to collect as many joints as possible.

Eating a lot will lengthen the dinosaur’s neck as well. Later you only see the funny head and a part of his neck which is too long. At this point, the point is no longer on observing the length of the neck but on moving in tune and gathering as many joints as possible.

The longer you play, the more joints will fall. You have to constantly move back and forth across the screen. At the moment, the focus falls on the dexterity and quickness of the hands.

Easy to play but not easy to stay

Because the way to play is so easy, the reward – punishment in the game is also extremely strict. During the game, no matter how long you have raised the dinosaur, how long the neck is, how many levels you can go, but just once you miss a certain neck joint, you will immediately lose a life. The lives are showed at the top center of the screen. Until you run out of lives, game is over. But don’t worry too much because while playing, you will have a chance to get extra lives by eating pieces of food with special colors that the game gives from time to time. So, do not ignore it if you see.

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Enjoying the music and surpassing yourself

Like A Dino! MOD APK is a music game so the fun here is that you have the right to choose your favorite song in the game available in music store. Just play leisurely and listen to catchy tunes. This kind of joyful relief during the lunch break is like a therapy.

In Like A Dino! MOD APK, you don’t have to compete with anyone, do any complicated quests, or fight tiring at all. The only thing you need to get over is yourself. Break your own previous record by moving faster and more accurately, sticking to the rhythm, and spending less lives to make you better in each play. This is the sweetest reward for Like A Dino! MOD APK.

You can even play games with just one hand, comfortably lean back somewhere, listen to cool background music, rhythmically move your hands to feed the dinosaurs. There is no effort or stress at all. Like A Dino! MOD APK is literally born to spend hours relaxing your mind, but don’t let yourself be too lazy with an activity as easy as possible.




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