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Life on Raft MOD APK v1.0.3 Mod Unlimited Money

Life on Raft MOD APK – Survival in Ocean is an arcade game about survival and building your own raft. You will be left all alone on the raft and all you have to do is to stay alive. Collect resources to make new buildings and workbenches to make your life even easier in this grim situation! There are lots of recipes of food, instruments and tools to craft!

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In Life on Raft Mod Apk – Survival in Ocean you will face a lot of danger! There are many sharks that want to bite a piece from you! Moreover, they will try to destroy your raft! But, there is something more dangerous than that! Beware of great and deadly Kraken! It may attack you and your raft anytime! Best of luck to you, try to stay alive!

The game has an advanced build system that will be fun for those who love crafts, architecture and survival games!
Enjoy the thrilling mission of surviving with your friends
A raft original survival game that enjoys a 2D graphics environment
Experience the dangers of island and loneliness surviving challenges
Avoid coiling with other rafts and saving crashes
Enjoy a lot of ocean activities through independent missions and unlimited challenge rafts. Amazing weather and rainy seasons and navigation gaps for time-based survival missions
Make a raft to escape the survival simulator game on an island. Survival on the raft is not an easy task
A new survival experience!
The real raft in the middle of the ocean!
Crafted, built and survived!
Craft rafts, find tools and more to complete the battle simulator game.
When you are on the verge of life and death, a new experience! Start your survival adventure now!

Game Features:
– Nice graphics and controls
– Cool raft and different tools
– Sharks, Kraken and Tornado
– Do your best to survive!



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