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Life of Mellow MOD APK v0.61 Mod Unlocked + Free Shopping

Life of Mellow MOD APK

Requires Android :7.0+
Current Version :0.61
Mod Info :Unlocked, Free Shopping
Size :82MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Life of Mellow MOD APK is a simulation game full of realism and, at the same time combining survival elements to give players the most relaxing experience when building a lovely village. Its gameplay is slow-paced, accompanied by soothing sounds to enhance the fascination and immersion to the fullest. Above all, the game applies a four-season system to diversify the player’s survival experience or village-building process to new heights.


The player’s beginning in Life of Mellow MOD APK is gentle and easy through gathering resources and expanding the land to build the foundation for the village. However, gathering resources also requires appropriate human resources or tools, so players must coordinate with the primitive crafting system to improve productivity. Resource gathering is never-ending and will continuously expand new potentials in the village development.


The game doesn’t have any goal or urge for the player. Instead, it wants them to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Each house or facility has a distinct vitality, and they are always active to contribute many benefits to the village. Also, players must always meet all the population’s needs and continuously improve people’s quality of life as a noble task.


The crafting system in Life of Mellow MOD APK is the most significant source for players to create everything, such as tools, weapons, furniture, and structures to build houses. Over time, the system will gradually expand as players collect new resources or learn recipes through multiple sources such as NPCs and more. Thanks to that system, the player’s village construction progress will be significantly reduced, creating a brilliant color and style.


A village will not function fully if the player does not create the necessary facilities or foundations. Various unique buildings will give the village many amenities or new uses, such as processing wood, iron ore, and more to create refined materials. Over time, players can open more new functional buildings and increase the population with many diverse occupations.


The exchange system in Life of Mellow MOD APK is dynamic, an amalgamation of many villages at once, even creating a complex and heterogeneous economy. The player’s village can begin to create various unique products for exchange by caravans from other villages. They can also exploit holes in the economy to exploit more profits and develop a prosperous village.


The seasons in the world each have characteristics that make the player’s survival process more prosperous and entertaining. Depending on the season, the vegetation or types of trees will change, creating even more complexity in the village’s surroundings. Fortunately, players can support an entire village or build more functions to help every inhabitant get through any season, even the fiercest winter.

The relaxation and peace in Life of Mellow MOD APK through each season will always give players many magnificent ideas to build their village. The content and gameplay elements are also simple and friendly and create the right conditions to enjoy the best life that they can only find in a small and warm village.

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» Survive as long as possible.
» Enjoy four seasons
» Collect resources and build many buildings.
» Farming & Crafting & Building & Survival
» Micromanage and expand your village.




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