life is a game mod apk

Life is a Game MOD APK v2.4.23 Mod Unlimited Money

Life is a Game MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.4.23
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :59MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Life is a Game MOD APK is a significant game; it has brought players many mixed emotions, from recovery, a happiness joy, and describes people’s growth through each stage, from infancy to adulthood. With cute pixel graphics, the game takes you into a whole new world, freely choosing a career, hobby,… doing the things you’ve missed as well as the things you want.

Literally, life is a game that everyone participates in. We all play, complete our own tasks, meet meaningful and mature people over time. The best players are the most successful.

Exciting simulation game

After choosing a character, you are the one who decides the life of a person since he (or she) is born until he gets old and dies. Starting from a newborn baby. Of course, at this time you cannot go yourself and need the help of your parents to gather the things needed for life. What does an infant need? Surely he needs a full diet (simulated with milk bottles). You need to touch the screen to jump up, collect the bottles to help the child have the best growth in adulthood.


Just like the name of the game, people often joke that life is like a game. Your mission is to run and jump to collect coins. Every coin received in the game is different. Players use coins to change costumes and life context. Run to relive everything you’ve been through and make your mark. Go through each stage of a human’s life. Your opponent is none other than yourself.

The longer you run, the more coins you collect, the longer your life will be. There will be virtual keys on the screen to make it easier for players to control the character. The game describes quite accurately each stage of human growth. From being a child, gradually growing into girls, teenagers and finally getting old, returning to dust.

FIND YOUR Hobby, Passion

Each stage in life will have different interests and desires, and in this game Life is a Game MOD APK, it clearly describes all that happens in that process. Start with a fixed starting point. And you can freely choose your career and outfit after earning enough coins for yourself. Passion, hobby or family, friends will make your life happier, and these will be the tools to equip you on the journey to find the values ​​​​of life.

The decisions you make when you are young will affect your life later in life when you are older or at the end. For example, when you were a child, you chose a paintbrush or a painting, you can grow up to be a painter, an artist, on the other hand, if you select a certain musical instrument, when you grow up, You can be a singer, artist,…

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Life is a Game MOD APK that has graphics that are images created with unique pixel art—a true depiction of life through small actions. Let’s run and collect coins. Costumes change according to the number of coins you earn. Enjoy the game and listen to the sounds of this exciting life. This will be an experience you’ve never had before.

Each stage will have different turning points. Experience every emotion there is in this life, happy there, happy there, sad,… The special thing is that you will go through everything with your family or friends. Your life will become tasteless and boring without hobbies, family, friends,…

Your job is to jump and earn coins to make choices in life. Besides, regularly monitor your health, happiness index, and lifetime relationships with the buttons available on the game screen. Change everything with the selection button contained therein.




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