kingdom adventurers mod apk

Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK v2.3.9 Mod Free Shopping

Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :2.3.9
Mod Info :Free Shopping
Size :45MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Build your own RPG kingdom and defend it from monsters

A once-prosperous kingdom lies overrun by monsters and wreathed in an ominous fog.
Now is the time for the descendants of the king to take back this land.Raise the kingdom from the dust and give birth to a new civilization!Recruit warriors, mages, and other skilled adventurers to your cause.
Dispel the fog to open up new areas to explore.

Take a break in between battles to build up your town. Add Weapon Shops, Item Shops, Inns, and more!
Keep adding facilities to make your kingdom a better place to live.

Gather allies, train your warriors, and take on powerful foes!


All game progress is stored on your device. Save data cannot be restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

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Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK with new and unique style images have opened up an exciting game world for players worldwide. The addition of the latest version with more languages ​​will increase the ability to connect relationships. Welcome to the king’s kingdom. Is it in danger? Hero, help out now! A new world with mysterious stories is waiting for you to discover!


Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK has an exciting storyline for players, narrating the space of a particular kingdom in a period of prosperity, but one day, like a curse, monsters and dark people have taken over the kingdom peacefully; they mess up usher in a terrifying dark age. This causes many obstacles, and the kingdom is slowly falling, so you will play as the descendant of royalty, a brave man who will revive everything.

It’s great to be able to develop abilities in such a complex environment, and this will be a test of training aimed at helping the kingdom besieged by darkness get out of the dust and destroy all the monsters that harm people, and then opens a journey of rebuilding.


Players through Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK can send out a signal to search for talent to hold functions such as soldiers, magicians, or adventurers. Bringing together talented people creates a strong alliance, which positively affects the training plan and strategy you have outlined in the first place. Form your team today to keep moving forward without difficulties getting in your way.

In addition to construction, this is also an exploration with an ever-expanding scale. Kingdom Adventurers allows to refresh the land, use materials, and build after each battle is over. Besides, players can get bonuses to equip more items such as costumes, weapons, and a few mysterious items in the chest. Expand your territory to make the kingdom prosperous and livable.

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Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK, since its launch, has captured the love of players with downloads and positive reviews as proof. Behind the success of the game of building and fighting for items is the effort to bring new versions with many attractive features. Step into this new space and start showing your intelligence, agile; good luck!




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