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King of Defense 2 MOD APK v1.0.37 Mod Unlimited Money

King of Defense 2 MOD APK

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King of Defense 2 MOD APK gives players the exciting experience of fighting with towers and heroes against powerful enemies that are always trying to invade. The game also introduces a new mechanism to combine towers to create a powerful pair and receive impressive effects. At the same time, heroes have always played an essential role in stopping the enemy’s advance with their skills.


In King of Defense 2 MOD APK, players will see that the hero has defeated the monster and is about to save the hostage. Suddenly, a three-headed dragon appeared and took the cage containing the hostage, requiring the hero to participate in the battle against the monster. He reaches the area where this dragon lives and begins the first tower-defense style battles you will have easy access to.

Like other tower defense games, players will find some familiar elements such as the health you need to keep, the number of positions you can place the tower, and the hero accompanying you. You will use the powers that you may be able to build a strong defense against the aiming enemies. At the same time, their strength will increase over time if you know how to combine correctly, and the tower combination factor will be something that you cannot ignore.

The mechanics that you need to understand are straightforward in King of Defense 2 MOD APK when you will prevent waves of enemies that are always moving and intending to infiltrate the last position of the path. If the amount of health you receive is exhausted, the match will be counted as lost. You will place different towers on the positions with the money you earn through battles. At the same time, there will be many ways for you to take advantage of these positions to build a strong defense.


Players will find many new power sources in King of Defense 2 MOD APK, such as new towers with impressive power and heroes. The human heroes you can control in battle all have skills cast to stop the enemy’s advance.

Building a defense requires a lot of strength to fight the monsters that gradually appear. So the upgrade mechanism is always useful because players can direct their towers to new powers, and there are branches that you have to choose from. At the same time, the amount of money you need to spend will also increase over time because the appearance of towers can come together. It requires some money to upgrade and requires players to make correct decisions.

The tower-defense experience in this game has many interesting points that you should not miss:

  1. Players will face an army of monsters with various waves appearing and consistently trying to break through your defense.
  2. Various towers can be placed in pre-determined positions and automatically attack enemies.
  3. A new mechanism appears in this game that allows players to build two towers at the same location and receive support effects.
  4. Players can earn money in battle and use it to power up towers and direct them to new upgrade paths.
  5. You can use a diverse towers system to start the level and get support from heroes with unique skills.

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– Stronger tower fusion with new turrets.
– New heroes who have been net greatly improved and equipped with support items gained in battle to help them improve their skills.
– Provide players with more game modes to choose from.
– Many enemies with rich and unique abilities, as well as a wide range of attacks, pose a big challenge for tower defense fans.




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