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King of Crabs MOD APK v1.16.0 Mod Unlocked All Crabs

King of Crabs MOD APK

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You will become a true king of crabs when you come to this game, so now is the time for you to express yourself through the fun and challenging adventures here. Besides, you will need to prepare agile operations to be able to flexibly move your character to surpass other opponents in this fierce race, but it will not be easy to achieve your goals. In addition, you can also combine with your friends to increase strength and win easier.


The game will officially begin when you are led to a new world full of fascinating adventures for you to adventure and express yourself through new challenges. King of Crabs MOD APK will give you a play space with the background of the sea surrounded by sand, but here it is only you and the small creatures, so you will need to rebuild everything to be able to survive in the land.

Besides, the player will transform into a crab, and your task is to find food and fight with other opponents to win. The crab you own will be pretty omnivorous, so the main food you will need is coconuts, berries, and other crabs, so you need to explore around to find food quickly. Players only need to perform simple operations to move their character and proceed to new areas on this island.


The challenges will gradually begin as the player reaches the first level, so you will need to use your skills to overcome the challenges in this game. King of Crabs MOD APK will give you a dramatic play space when leading players to extremely difficult challenges for you to challenge yourself. Besides, the danger will always be lurking for you, so you should always focus and be alert to the threats around you.

Larger crabs appear to make it difficult for you to move, and you can use your weapons to deal with them. The game is set up with a pretty attractive context so you can enjoy and fight with other opponents. Now is the time for you to show yourself and survive by foraging and fighting, but do not try to confront the big crabs because they may overwhelm you.


King of Crabs MOD APK will give you a variety of different game modes for you to experience and discover new challenges and conquer unique goals. In the first mode with a friendly name, you will be free to live and mingle with other animals without having to worry about anything, so you just need to capture other creatures and survive in the area. However, there will not be too many challenges in this mode, so if you are a player who is passionate about challenges and wants to experience more, then King mode is the place for you.

Besides, here the fiercest battles will take place when players have to constantly confront attacks from other creatures and fight anytime, anywhere until they become the last survivor. In addition, the game will display an energy bar for you to observe and be careful because if it runs out, you will have to play from the beginning.


You can unlock more new items and characters, including Common, S, Rare, Mega Rare, and more, so try to complete the quests to get them all. Besides, every time you log in and join, you will experience daily free spins and test your luck for a chance to receive attractive gifts. In addition, you can also acquire new weapons to stay confident in the arena and win against formidable opponents. In addition, the game will constantly update special events for you to participate and adventure to unique maps and complete new goals.

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  1. Adventure to the world of crabs with a series of attractive missions for you to participate in and practice agile maneuvers to win; your task is to transform into a crab to arrive new island.
  2. Go to the scene with exciting things for you to experience. Besides, you can also combine your energy with your friends to increase your fighting power and fight the enemies in front of you.
  3. The gameplay is quite familiar, but the game will give you a lively playing space for you to express yourself, so you need to use your skills to overcome the challenges here.
  4. Players will be allowed to use weapons to confront the enemies quickly, so you can take advantage of the weapon system you have to equip before fighting and surviving on this island.
  5. The game will give you a series of new game modes to enjoy, plus you will also unlock new items to equip your character and win all levels.




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