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Jackal Squad MOD APK v0.0.1447 Mod Unlimited Money

Jackal Squad MOD APK

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Jackal Squad MOD APK will bring you back to the time when the world was in the period of World War 2 in extremely dangerous 1945. Here you will become a soldier representing peace and start your journey with your teammates on specialized combat vehicles to defeat the enemy. An arduous and challenging journey is waiting for you ahead, but all enemies will die at your hands with a strong will.

Jackal Squad – Arcade ShootingJackal Squad – Arcade Shooting


In order to add more fun and excitement to the player, the manufacturer has brought Jackal Squad MOD APK in a historical direction rather than a modern fighting style. With an atmosphere imbued with World War II, it will help you somewhat better understand the things that you do not know. At this time, the fascist forces have attacked the allies, and your task is to destroy them. Therefore, the Allies have formed a powerful fighting team with the name Jackal, including members of the team who are highly trained soldiers and including you.

I choose to travel by car because it will simply be more convenient for attack and defense. A mighty army with a fierce fighting spirit will be tasked with driving a Jeep to attack the enemy base. Not only that but this Jeep is also equipped with a variety of weapons and armor systems to withstand all bombs and bullets when hit. In addition to destroying all of the enemy troops, your task will be to rescue the hostages and the people who are trapped inside.

Jackal Squad – Arcade ShootingJackal Squad – Arcade Shooting


Attacking while sitting on a moving vehicle is also quite difficult and detrimental, but nothing is impossible if you are really skilled. Although partly helped by the fact that your Jeep has an automatic attack weapon system, you also need to be skillful in controlling it. Because this is a game in the style of both attacking and moving, so the car will always be in a state of constant movement and non-stop fighting.

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Are you confident that you will be able to take on such an extraordinarily noble but also hazardous responsibility? The answer undoubtedly lies with you, and it is certainly not possible for a warrior to succumb to all challenges. So instead of being scared, you need to practice fighting skills as well as ingenuity to avoid all possible bad situations.

Becoming a mighty warrior and fighting hard with your teammates to bring peace to the world will be an extremely wonderful feeling that you will not find in any other game other than Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting. Not only for entertainment at times of stress but also as a place for you to prove your fighting skills by never giving up to the enemy.

Features of Jackal Squad MOD APK:

  1. Classic theme with impressive pixel graphic
  2. Jackal Squad brings you back to the era of arcade games.
  3. All the jeeps, guns, explosions, pistols, military bases… will immensely bring the childhood vibe to your phone. Have you felt the retro yet?
  4. Modern gameplay, easy to control for everyone
  5. This game is an idle run’n gun-style shooting jeep game with an auto-aim mechanism that helps you to shoot the enemy continuously.
  6. All you need to do is dodge attacks, rescue imprisoned comrades, collect items and destroy the enemy bases.
  7. Shoot ’em up, Top gunner!
  8. 100+ levels to conquer
  9. A war has multiple battles, and so does the game.
  10. Have endless fun with your friends and families
  11. Online and Offline mode
  12. This free arcade shoot ’em up game can be played without wifi, so that you can enjoy it everywhere, at any time you want.



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