irregular recruits apk

Irregular Recruits APK v1.21 Apk Full Paid

Irregular Recruits APK

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It is a Roguelike card game. You will incarnate into different heroes, explore various events in the secret realm before the arrival of powerful demons, work hard to enrich your deck, strengthen your strength, and finally defeat the demon!


Trapped in the depths of a secret realm full of dangers, opportunities, traps, enemies and treasures are all in front of you. Every step you take is faced with a wealth of choices, and every choice will affect the final outcome. Step by step, like walking on thin ice, your wisdom will take you further. Far.


Irregular Recruits is a role—playing card game with elements of tactics in the fantasy genre. You will have to conquer the battlefields together with a summoner cat, a necromancer wizard or a magical dwarf warrior.

Conquer the Battlegrounds with a Cat Summoner, Necromancer Wizard or Magic Dwarf Warrior in this premium offline roguelike deck builder game with RPG elements.


Irregular Recruits APK combines deck builders with auto chess strategy, with the unique twist that your army is your life total – when your recruits die they are lost forever, and when your army is dead, so are you!

No ads, no IAPs, no internet connection required!



– Roguelike gameplay, where unit death is permanent
– Hire over 200 different recruits to assemble an unstoppable army
– Auto-resolving combat for fast-paced tactical battles
– Level up your commander to unlock special powers
– Explore the Cinder Lands with unusual events, friends and enemies
– Unlock 8 Commanders for your army. All with different abilities and starting recruits
– Great for offline play
– A true indie game made by one passionate player/developer.



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