idle trading empire mod apk

Idle Trading Empire MOD APK v1.4.6 Mod Unlimited Money

Idle Trading Empire MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.4.6
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :87MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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If you want a healthy business on the island of wealth, then Idle Trading Empire MOD APK will allow you to do it. The game offers you a wide range of opportunities that you can rely on for trading. The business will help you a lot, and you can become a powerful manufacturing tycoon on your own. This natural conquest will do a relatively large process, and you can expand the neighboring islands. Accelerating business processes and trade is also a big idea that you should explore.

We at Bling Bling Games wanted to create a medieval simulation game that revolves around the Hanseatic League, a medieval trading guild in an empire that is today’s north Germany. Tap your way through difficult challenges, collect achievements and upgrade all your business establishments to become the richest trading tycoon in this idle clicker simulation.

This is an idle or incremental game with clicker elements and an explorative world map. This means you will generate income and products even when you are not actively playing.


In this Idle Trading Empire MOD APK, you are one of the most potent production tycoons. Players need to promote business activities to earn large profits. More specifically, business activities will help you; players need to focus on investments. It would help if you also seized all opportunities to create a valuable product. Your goal is to earn more money and become richer.

Coming to Idle Trading Empire MOD APK, players will start their business chain from zero. They will have to start collecting and exploiting resources in the forest to sell to the town, thereby earning profits to upgrade. However, after a while, they can scale up their business with various items such as wood, meat, wheat, and fruit. They can manage multiple areas at once, from jungles to islands, farms, towns, and more. At that time, gamers can master a rich supply chain from start to finish with huge profit potential.

The task of the gamer in the game revolves around the production and management of the trade of goods in the market. Initially, they will have to do everything on their own from logging, harvesting wheat, transporting goods to the town, and much more. But then, when they have enough money, they can hire workers to take on different areas. Some people take care of production, people take care of transportation, people take care of promotion and others take care of trade. Your job then is to run the workers and decide what to sell and to whom. At the same time, you also have to manage the upgrading of trading and investment points.


What you should not miss in this game is to expand the town. Compared to other businesses, you are a person who has a lot of advantages in expanding the town because you already own a series of neighboring lands. As long as you give the right direction, the game will help you construct and expand. It would help if you captured the scoring opportunities against neighboring owners to get more advantages. Especially in the investment area, you will also have to expand to promote business.


You need to know by yourself to seize great opportunities such as trade with foreign countries or trade in goods. Players need to open more branches from neighboring islands to be able to bring their business to life. Players will gain huge profits, and that is also the advantage we have in this game. Be a person with a broad vision and always create huge profits.

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  1. Draw out interesting business yourself and from there exploit in-depth that big business.
  2. Always find more healthy activities, and you should step up to exploit all sides of the problem.
  3. Become a big production tycoon, invest in the development of large enterprises and focus on investment expansion.
  4. Build more rich towns and promote the expansion of large production stations to become richer and more robust.
  5. Buy, sell and trade with all other countries and businesses to get the most significant amount of gold.




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