idle pet shop mod apk

Idle Pet Shop MOD APK v0.4.4 Mod Unlimited Money

Idle Pet Shop MOD APK

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With the game’s features, you can comfortably build a place to care for the most thoughtful and quality animals. Collect and find many new and beautiful pets to take care of. In addition, you can upgrade your store to become giant and modern to attract the attention of many other customers.

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Coming to Idle Pet Shop MOD APK, players have the freedom to build their own most beautiful and modern pet shop. Besides, you can expand the scale to accommodate and care for a more significant number of pets. Not only that, but you can also comfortably decorate and beautify your store. Each person will have a different look and preference, so the way they create and design an animal store will also be highly diverse and rich.


With a heart of love for animals, you’ve searched for and acquired puppies, kittens, bunnies, and many other adorable animals. When you bring them home, you will take care of them and feed them on time and at the proper meal. Not only that, but you also give them their own resting spaces, which are incredibly eye-catching and cute sleeping cages. In addition, you can also breed and breed animals together to create other cute animals.


Idle Pet Shop MOD APK will allow you to upgrade and change your store to become more quality and perfect. From furniture to pet care, items have been upgraded to become very beautiful and durable. Moreover, players have the right to design their shop with just a few basic steps. In each store, you will be surprised by the friendliness and cuteness of those animals. They are very docile and obedient to you, so you love and enjoy playing with them even more.


When participating in Idle Pet Shop MOD APK, players will own for themselves stunning graphics. All surrounding images are sketched and presented most realistically. The picture of each animal is adorable and unique, and the colors of the photos are coordinated to look very nice and new. Besides, the extraordinarily vibrant and gentle sound screens have made the game more exciting and exciting.


You can become a kind and enthusiastic caregiver more efficiently than ever. Your care and concern create a better environment for the animals than ever before. You should take care of them every day and provide them with food regularly. In addition, you should not starve and release them helplessly; instead, you should take care of them the most thoughtfully and excellently.


  1. Have the right to build your own funny and funny pet shop, and you can quickly expand the animal care scale.
  2. Expand your pet care, and you can decorate and refresh your pet shop most beautifully.
  3. Acquire many lost dogs and cats to take care of them in the most thoughtful and dedicated way, helping them develop.
  4. Upgrade the store to become more modern and majestic, and at the same time create the best care environment for your pet.
  5. Admire great graphics with many sharp images, giving players a lot of impressions about this game.
  6. Meet and get to know many of my friends in the most pleasant, enthusiastic, and hardworking way, depending on each person’s style.
  7. Know how to breed and create hybrid animals with both parents in the most extraordinary way.
  8. Enjoy playing and discovering the pets’ personalities in this game most excitingly and excitingly.
  9. Have the most relaxing and relaxing moments after experiencing many challenging levels in this game.



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