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Idle Grindia: Dungeon Quest MOD APK v0.4.001 Mod Free Upgrade

Idle Grindia MOD APK

Idle Grindia MOD APK is a unique fighting game with fascinating battles for you to explore. You will have to compete with many other online opponents, and your mission is to destroy all enemies to protect world peace. By allocating resources properly and creating special weapons from different components, you can deal with all enemies and unlock more powerful skills.

Idle Grindia: Dungeon QuestIdle Grindia: Dungeon Quest


Before the war, the lands in Idle Grindia MOD APK had peaceful and prosperous life. However, the elf lord saw the significant development of this land, so he had an extremely malicious plot to invade. He has infiltrated the whole city, and with just one command attack, all the parts of your land became his colony in an instant.

With his large army and strength, our military system could not react in time to that critical situation, so we had to accept surrender. So you will become a hero standing up to fight to protect your city from death and destruction. At the same time, you must summon your teammates to assist you in these difficult challenges.


Your task in Idle Grindia MOD APK is to try to win battles and destroy all enemies. The difficulty will increase over time, so you will feel exciting and quite simple in the first battles. In the battles that follow, you must try to show your leadership to be able to conquer all challenges and complete the assigned tasks. The gameplay of the game is not too different from other games of the same genre. You just need to pump the blood for your hero, buy clothes, improve weapons and equip him so that he can win fierce battles and receive worthy rewards.

Idle Grindia: Dungeon Quest


Each mission in the game will take place in different lands, and you must be the one to help the main character destroy all opponents with his smart strategy and combat skills. The first missions will be straightforward for every player, and you will not feel pressure to play but just enjoy the fun gameplay. After that, you will gradually get used to more complex challenges to gain more experience for the subsequent battles.

The combat mechanism in Idle Grindia is relatively familiar, which is the turn-based combat mechanism. You and the enemy will take turns attacking to deal as much damage to each other as possible. Later, the number of monsters is increasing; there are even powerful bosses, so that you may encounter some difficulties during the battle. Therefore, you must equip the right items and upgrade the weapons and skills of your character to be able to defeat all enemies.

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In addition to crafting weapons and upgrading weapons, the game also allows you to meet many different cute pets. Each type of pet will act as a companion to accompany you in every arduous journey, and they will assist you in fighting those evil and powerful monsters. Therefore, you need to catch and train pets to be able to tame them as soon as possible and use them in essential battles. At the same time, you can develop your own collection of pets for an exciting journey in this game.

Idle Grindia: Dungeon QuestIdle Grindia: Dungeon Quest


  1. Quality and beautiful graphics, bringing the player to life. The details in the game are depicted in detail to create attractive battles and attract players.
  2. Equip items to increase your strength, upgrade and use skills for powerful attacks to help your hero fight all enemies with ease.
  3. Craft new weapons and upgrade them to be more modern to deal massive damage to enemies and unlock new weapons and armor to win boss battles.
  4. Tame dozens of pets that fight with you and support you. They also help you bring unique and attractive rewards, helping you have a rich pet collection.
  5. Idle RPG gameplay with dungeon battles and bosses for you to explore. In addition, you only need to pump blood improve equipment and weapons to be able to participate in fierce battles.



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