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Hot Springs Story MOD APK v2.7.3 Mod Unlimited Money

Hot Springs Story MOD APK

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It is good! So fun!

Rooms, restaurants, arcades, and baths–position each facility to lull your guests into hot spring Nirvana and skyrocket your establishment to fame!

Craft the perfect Japanese garden from lanterns, pine trees, azaleas, and more–you’ll need it all if you want to attract VIPs like pop stars and novelists.

Hot springs are seen as a typical Japanese culture and are often featured in various content or series. However, it is the main theme in Hot Springs Story MOD APK, a tycoon-like game developed by the famous Kairosoft Co., Ltd. In this game, the player will begin to manage a hot spring service, which has since grown and prospered, rising to become one of the most solemn and impressive hot springs in the world.


The gameplay of Hot Springs Story MOD APK contains many different elements, but they are easy to interact with and full of relaxation for players to access its signature style easily. Moreover, the game adopts a tycoon style, thereby optimizing the player’s activities but giving them loads of resources and revenue over time. However, players need to upgrade and invest in many hot springs services, even creating many campaigns to attract customers to receive more perks. Based on the player’s hot spring development, the customers will be continuously satisfied with the service, thereby increasing its reputation and giving the player many opportunities for outstanding growth.


What’s impressive about most of Kairosoft’s Stories games is the freedom to let players design things with different styles. Because of that, players can freely design hot springs in many different styles, thereby optimizing the circulation of customers in many different areas. It doesn’t stop there, but each design process will have a big impact on the entire hot spring, including customer acquisition over time. Depending on each person’s preferences, their hot springs can become more beautiful and impressive, and players can even expand them to accommodate more services or new spaces.

Hot Springs Story MOD APK is an entertaining and addictive resort simulation game. Here, you will conduct management and construction for your own resort. You will have to scream with delight at the achievements you have built, and the joy that comes from this work will bring you beautiful results.


Hot Springs Story MOD APK is designed with a bold Japanese style that will give you a relaxing and highly authentic feeling. You will be in charge of management, deciding the construction and layout of your resort according to your style accordingly. Having a sound strategy is essential enough to attract customers and develop the resort.

You will build hot tubs, bedrooms, and cafeterias to fully serve the needs of your customers. The more customers, the more convenient you need to build stretchers and improve your facilities. Let’s make your resort a place where people can come and relax, rest, enjoy the comfort sounds.

From a small motel, fill everything with beautiful baths, dining halls filled with unique foods, fragrant flowers everywhere, and lots of customers gathering. Make your own fruit sweet and watch it work like an unbelievable resort in the most straightforward steps.

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Hire more staff and train them to be the best waiters. Organize unique referrals and marketing activities to attract customers. It may feel like a simple game at first, but millions of people have built an incredible vacation paradise and are enjoying it. Building a massive resort with a large amount of work and highly professional is not difficult. As long as you enjoy every moment and be patient, you will soon become a famous and leisure resort tycoon idle.

Hot Springs Story MOD APK is absolutely an excellent game for those who love design and management. Sometimes it will be a little challenging to decide, sometimes there will be too many things to deal with at a particular time, but what is too easy will be challenging to appreciate. So be persistent and decisive; a beautiful and professional resort will be at your fingertips.




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