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Hole.io MOD APK v1.25.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Hole.io MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.25.0
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :164MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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A black hole is a dangerous space that can suck everything into it. But they are usually located outside the universe, so they do not affect us. In Hole.io this black hole will attack an entire city. You are the one who will control this black hole to swallow everything. Feel free to eat all you can on your way. Become the greatest fear of mankind in the present.

With a purely entertaining game like Hole.io MOD APK. No need for high graphics or terrible sound. Just a 3D rendering that depicts clearly what’s going on. Just a hole to eat everything around, nothing else. But the simplification entices players in an excellent way. This is a smart strategy from the developer VOODOO. Gives you the feeling of becoming a supernatural being. This entity causes immeasurable calamities to humans.

Suck everything into the bottomless black hole

Opening for this destruction, you will be the owner of small-sized black holes. Let’s control these black holes around the city. There are many things that can make food for you. Use your finger to move on the touch screen to help the black hole change direction. With just such an operation, there is no need to do anything complicated. The top size of the pit will be just right to allow you to eat small things. When you reach a sufficient number of sizes will grow bigger and you will be able to eat bigger things. The more you eat, the more terrible it becomes, which can bring a large scale of destruction across the map.

Beat the others

Your hole is terrible, but it can still be destroyed by larger-sized holes. Those black holes are the other players joining in. You will have to stay away from stronger guys to ensure your safety. Compete with other players to climb to the top of this level. The top players usually have a huge score of the same size. To defeat them might be impossible for others. But if you get stronger by accumulating more. You have a chance to defeat them and multiply the score many times.

There will be a mode that allows you to play with friends. Let’s form a professional black hole team and work together. Defeat other holes in the city to get to the top. With this type of team play, it will be easy to get a high score. You and your team can create effective and structured strategies. Compare skills with teams to see who will be the top. Add more fun atmosphere and reduce unnecessary stress.

Choose a costume for a black hole

Do you think your black hole is just that? Nope, Hole.io’s black hole also has its own skins. With hundreds of different types of pits in the options section for you. Spend your money and own all these fun-shaped holes. When you bring skin into the game screen, you will stand out from the crowd. Unmistakable with others because you are unique. This becomes even better if you are at the top. Other players will be more or less impressed with what you own.

Interesting places

If you feel too bored with this city, don’t worry. Feel free to switch to other interesting places included in Hole.io MOD APK. Out on the big sea where the waves crash non-stop. An island with all green trees and golden sand covered. The big fish swimming around is your delicious food. Enjoy the taste of the sea with your bottomless belly. Swallow the people sitting on wooden boats. Do not spare anything in your path. It’s just a natural thing to happen.

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You can challenge yourself with the 2-minute mode, which allows you and others to play during this time period. In the end, whoever gets the most wins. For survivor mode, there will be a certain number of pits. The one that survives to the end of the level wins, just like Battle Royale. Your job is simply to eat, easy but extremely difficult. If you meet high-level players, it will definitely be a big obstacle. Don’t give up if you are defeated by someone, because it’s just that you are not good enough when playing Hole.io MOD APK. Nothing is easy in the beginning, you have to raise your level, take advantage of the limitless potential.




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