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Hero Park MOD APK v1.13.2 Mod Unlimited Money

Hero Park MOD APK

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Welcome to Hero Park MOD APK!

the place where magical unicorns attract heroes into your town for their own little adventure. This is the story of you, your unicorn and a treasury full of gold!

Five years after the Great War, the old war hero and his faithful unicorn return to their home town and find that not a stone is left standing on another. The town is empty and the once glorious dungeons are now abandoned. The decision is clear: the town must be rebuilt, new monsters bred and the dungeons populated again.

Create the perfect illusion of an adventure town with busy blacksmiths, bustling taverns, and glorious dungeons with monsters bred by you. Meet fascinating characters who want to join you and use their skills to lure the hero’s gold out of their purses. Make Hero Park MOD APK what it used to be: the most magnificent town in the kingdom!

Hero Park is a game that simulates an adventure journey to the Fantasy world. In this game, the player will be a veteran who returns to his homeland after the war and finds that everyone has been disappeared by evil monsters. So you have to stand up to defeat them and regain a peaceful and happy life for the people. The game has an interesting story about you – a warrior and magical unicorn accompanying you on an exciting adventure.

Hero Park MOD APK is a Tycoon game for players to experience the process of operating an adventure town in a Fantasy world. In this game, the player becomes a retired soldier and returns to his homeland after the destruction of monsters. Wishing to rebuild everything, he began to think about making a base for adventurers to resupply before entering the dungeon.


Five years after the great war, the hero and the loyal unicorn return to their homeland. However, they found the town empty and the dungeons abandoned, so they decided to find the enemy responsible for this incident. You must rebuild the town and breed new monsters to aid you. Plus, create the perfect photoshoot of a bustling town with blacksmiths, taverns, etc., bred by you to attract monsters.


The gameplay of Hero Park MOD APK is fascinating and attractive, making players enjoy it. Especially the process of building and developing your town becomes more prosperous. During the expansion of the town, smart unicorns will accompany you. Besides, you will have to build many different houses to attract adventurers and upgrade them to expand the territory.


Unicorns are the main source of income for adventurers in Hero Park MOD APK as adventurers will love unicorns and will be impressed by their beauty. Players will choose many other hunter characters to come to their town to assist in the destruction of monsters. However, inviting characters beyond the allowed limit will prevent you from attracting more adventurers.


As mentioned earlier, the dungeon is an area that has been abandoned for a long time, so players can use it to attract the attention of adventurers. At the same time, you will have to train the monsters you collect and release them into the dungeon to entertain adventurers. However, the player also needs to create some loot for the adventurers to increase the town’s income. From there, you can upgrade and add quality products to the town.

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  1. More than 100 unforgettable characters to choose from hero, vampire, unicorn,…
  2. Design beautiful towns according to your taste and automate the production process.
  3. Raise monsters in dungeons to attract adventurers.
  4. Experience the exciting story of the hero and the loyal unicorn.
  5. Skills to solve quests and win precious treasures.




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