hero adventure action shooter mod apk

Hero Adventure: Action Shooter MOD APK v0.30.1.1976 Mod Unlimited Money

Hero Adventure: Action Shooter MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :100MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Hero Adventure: Action Shooter MOD APK gives you a fun time, exploring experience with friends. Transform into a heroic knight in the castle’s dungeon, call for heroes, upgrade weapons, equip armor to destroy ferocious monsters. Coming to that strange area full of difficulties, you must make the most of your resources, skills and have the right tactics to destroy the enemy and dominate the castle. Everyone needs you; we need you, rise up, wipe out this battle slash, and kill without leaving anyone because this battle is yours.


According to medieval myths, the game has a third-person gameplay style and an open world that is imagined. All of the above gives you an exciting gameplay experience full of mythology, action, and adventure. You will be transformed into a knight to fight against the challenges ahead. The unusually slow and fast gameplay makes it extremely enjoyable to embark on an adventure.

Each level is a great challenge; your task is to defeat the cruel monsters and pass each stage to the final goal; each level will have corresponding rewards if you pass. And the rewards will become more and more attractive and valuable in the future. Come to the world full of dangers and overcome them!


In the game, the main setting is a dark, dark castle; the doors in the castle hide mysterious and scary things behind – scary monsters, not only stopping at the castle. The context is very diverse and extremely large. The world in the game is vast, and you will step by step unlock and go further after overcoming the challenges in each level. All levels or scenes have rewards, especially those that mark the completion of a cluster of levels.

In addition, when events take place, new levels will be added to increase the variety of the game. Events take place continuously to create variations to create endless inspiration. Along with attractive gameplay and a large world waiting for you to explore, the game will bring you the most notable and complete playing experience, meeting the needs of an entertaining action game.


Monsters, different monsters, and mythical monsters, will you step by step against one of them or even face many monsters simultaneously? Will you be able to fight them? Certainly yes, because now knights fight monsters not only with swords but with guns. Besides the default gun, you will collect rewards from switching to good guns, more potent weapons to fight more fearsome monsters, or merely upgrading your existing weapons. The gameplay and controls are easy to understand and easy to get used to, all of which will combine to create attractive gameplay just for you.

The magic story of Hero Adventure: Action Shooter MOD APK:

After some mysterious incident, you awaken in evil lands and don’t remember anything. Searching for some answers, you became a ghost knight and started shooting your way through the monster world. So you created & upgraded many weapons and armor. The gun was your favorite weapon but soon you understood that the castle dungeon was filled with enemies and gunpowder was really rare. So you started shooting a bow & crossbow as well. On your journey you rescued a lot of heroes and set the shelter.

Now it’s your home when you get tired from monster battles. In the shelter you upgrade guns, other weapons & armor, learn a new magic skill every day, train other archers… However, many questions are left unanswered. Many monster hunters are still jailed. So it’s time to take a gun and continue the quest. Until you will find your way out of the castle dungeon.

The adventure calls the knight and darkness rises. Are you ready?.

Hero Adventure: Action Shooter MOD APK is a new idle dungeon game so we are happy to get player’s feedback and add new features in this shooter and open world game.

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  1. The game is divided from easy to challenging levels to destroy unique monsters and dominate the world.
  2. A diverse arsenal of weapons and costumes, choose the right outfit for your hero.
  3. Become a hero knight quickly by killing enemies, attractive but straightforward gameplay.
  4. Bringing exciting experiences, learning, and discovering many good things from foreign lands.
  5. RPG game elements bring suspenseful moments to bring you authentic experiences.




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