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HellCopter MOD APK v1.8.12 Mod Unlimited Money

HellCopter MOD APK

HellCopter MOD APK develops a particular mission system every day to approach targets and execute them with guns. Non-stop operation, the difficulty increases to a new level through each level, and they will have consecutive challenges. Get ready to welcome the new update with many unique gun models, check out their features, and find ways to own them! Fun and excitement are what players can experience when participating in this 3D space.


To start some missions in HellCopter MOD APK, all you need is to prepare the necessary equipment and climb aboard the waiting helicopter. This private jet will take you to the mission location and continue to search for objects to destroy. They are present in a building, doing whatever work, attacking them with bullets, and completing the mission, then returning—the most enjoyable leisure activity when reducing stress by fulfilling requests received in the mailbox. You will be paid a lot for this work.



For the perfect mission, appearing cooler and more organized at HellCopter is a requirement. First, go to the inventory and change the equipment you want from costumes to weapons. Look, there are quite a few themes; they will be suitable for each different event. Normal outfits can also be refurbished by upgrading, which costs your coins, be careful when doing them. Prepare well for this exciting confrontation!

Trendy hair and clothing patterns will be appropriate for each different context so that you won’t be detected while on duty. Hide and make it difficult for the enemy in many ways, fighting alone against a powerful organization. Every day, add something new to your collection of different styles by visiting the store regularly to keep up to date with new models.

As for weapons, a gun with destructive solid power is the best choice. Supported gun lines in the collection will always be available, and the rarest, hard-to-find guns also have a chance to own: traditional load ammo, cat ammo, or any animal to kill the target. Never have to worry about the shortage of ammunition supply; the stockpile is endless! Fire single or dual bullets to finish your opponents faster.



Grow HellCopter’s quest list by completing all of the designated stages in one day. There are more difficult stages because you are faced with new difficulties, the boss contains terrible power. The criminals occupying the building are hard at work; here’s your chance! A mission map is encapsulated in about ten different locations; players go through all and leave green marks for successful missions.

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Hellcopter is a new shooting 3D game.
Jump in a helicopter and go on a deadly mission!
Lock and load your machine gun, aim and pull the trigger.
Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all the criminals who occupied the building.
Blast them with explosives and make cinematic shots!
Endless bullets provided.
Are you ready for some gunplay

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HellCopter MOD APK

The reward received after completing the mission is always a special attraction for players. Reward coins or treasure chests, which are more thrilling in openings because you may receive special items or limited edition guns. Test your luck with opening chests every day!


HellCopter MOD APK always brings different surprises for players; no matter where the incident happened, the helicopter will always receive the signal and take you to that location to perform the mission. Complete the big assignments and destroy most of the bandits entrenched in the building. Join the campaign and complete the tasks in your mailbox! Subscribe and receive the latest notifications about updated versions. Have a fun experience, and don’t forget to leave a review after having fun with it.



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