Helicopter Escape 3D mod 1

HeliCopter Escape 3D MOD APK v1.2.0 Mod Unlimited Money

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK creates exciting races between good and evil; a separate squad is commanded to specific locations from above to rescue hostages and destroy enemies. All monsters and undead within the range of the fight will have to receive punishment—The new version brings other enemies that are much stronger, don’t let them get in your way, keep moving forward! Non-stop, intensive fun with a fun action series.

Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D


During a riot started by bizarre invaders, a few innocent people seem to be trapped, they are crying for help, and the summoning signal of Helicopter Escape 3D has been played. Get to the location in time by traveling by helicopter, performing a spectacular rescue, and making a particular mark. Use ammunition and weapons to damage enemies, attack from many sides, and apply perfect strategies for the pursuit.

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD APK

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Ensure no confusion, need accuracy for any activity in the sequence of events. That’s why you should have some basic skills to face this story. Complete the mission to shoot down the guys who caused the riot, as many as possible. Once completed, you can get a few special rewards.

Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D


There’s a timer, but it’s not as important as your mission; ignore that in Helicopter Escape 3D and focus more on your work. The generated levels will range from easy to complex, you not only have the opportunity to meet the bosses that rule the land, but you can also encounter a strange alien system. Calmly make the right choice, pursue quickly when realizing that the enemy is trying to run away.

Not only is attack, but defense is enhanced above all; every passing moment is dangerous. Monsters can bite you back, or bandits will shoot with guns and use defensive skills to avoid moving. Crazy with daily quests, go anywhere as long as they need you!


Any player participating in the Helicopter Escape 3D common house has a pretty diverse collection of equipment. Replenish and renew them every day by accumulating coins and buying them in the store or through valuable rewards for successfully completing tasks. Each level, when passed, will be granted the right to upgrade weapons, aircraft, and costumes. Do more quests to be the boss and protect the peace of this land.

Helicopter Escape 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money) – an adventure puzzle with a criminal plot in which you play the role of an armed soldier to protect people from zombie attacks. Take the best weapon and fight off zombies, also use shots at fuel barrels and glass. The developers used a number of gameplay mechanics from the previous game – HellCopter. Basically, the game will give you a pleasant experience, and the excellent graphics and addictive storyline will make you come back to the Helicopter Escape 3D mod apk game every day.

Damage levels ranging from low to high will be suitable for any match, regardless of the type of gun used. Confronting zombies can be tiresome; gather uncommon rocket guns to be able to completely eliminate their collaborators and their zombie henchmen.

Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D


Helicopter Escape 3D, under the tremendous support of top-notch graphics techniques, has left a strong mark on players when providing exhilarating shooting action sequences to complete missions. The presence of the tense background orchestra makes the fun more dramatic than ever. Experience the war between the peacekeepers and zombies and bandits causing riots in the city. Completing the above tasks will help you receive huge rewards. Don’t forget to leave your review after each experience!

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