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Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK v1.33.3 Mod Unlimited Money

Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK

Requires Android :4.0+
Current Version :1.33.3
Mod Info :Unlimited Money
Size :85MB
Online/Offline :Offline

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Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK allows you to manage a kingdom from simple to developed and try to defend it from attacks of other enemies. You will be able to upgrade what you want and see the defense system change, and become stronger. In addition, soldiers help you in battles to protect the kingdom and conquer with increased strength.


In Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK, players will have an empty area with completely rudimentary elements that can be considered their kingdom. But indeed, this kingdom will be threatened by external factors, so they will set up a defense system with different soldiers and castles to prevent waves of enemies from continuously approaching. Sure enough, everything works automatically once the game has started.

You will see the kingdom’s defense system through a completely panoramic perspective and can see the soldiers guarding the towers. You will not go from one level to another like tower-defense games. Specifically, you will see a next wave button that will help you start the match, and before that, you will make some adjustments that will increase the strength of the defense you have.


When the game screen starts Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK, you will see what will appear and operate as archers or towers that continuously attack the enemy. From there, you can only see the outcome of the battle, and if you win, there are rewards that you can use in the game. Surely the elements that appear from the beginning of the game screen will continuously improve and turn into a solid castle before the enemy’s attacks.

Players can see a list of elements that they can upgrade, and they all have different effects. For example, you can increase the strength of a castle, and the effect of that upgrade is health points that will be increased against powerful enemies. In addition, archers that favor ranged attacks can increase the amount of damage, or towers will be able to improve the time it takes to execute an attack on an enemy. During the upgrade, some new weapons will appear, like the catapult.

An interesting point when you experience this game is that you will not only use the essential elements that the game provides at the beginning of the game. Specifically, players will find a list of different types of soldiers, and when the battle begins, they will also join you. The castle gates will open, and they will constantly move toward the enemy to prevent the enemy’s advance. From there, enemies can’t touch your citadel and get attacked by other elements.


Besides protecting your castle in Grow Empire: Rome MOD APK, you can also experience the invasion mechanism to the locations you see on the map. Specifically, you will use the soldiers you have to go to the front of the enemy area and then decide when to start the battle. Battles only end when one side is defeated, and you will also need to upgrade the power of the controlling soldiers.

Each soldier is part of the upgrade system, and you will need to upgrade one unit to unlock the next fully. Also, during the conquest, the player will find a secondary plus symbol that allows the player to use the effect card. These cards appear in chests with a random spawn rate, and you will be able to equip up to three cards in a match. In addition, cards of the same quality can be merged for higher quality.

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  1. Players will take over a large area, building defenses for their kingdom against waves of enemies wishing to invade.
  2. You will see towers and soldiers performing attacks and waiting for the final results to perform upgrades correctly and increase strength.
  3. Upgrades will change the look of your castles, and in some cases, you can even unlock new powers.
  4. Soldiers have many roles in this game when they rush to the battlefield in the battle to protect the kingdom and make invasions.
  5. Players can completely upgrade the strength of soldiers to unlock new soldiers and use cards from the chests to support them.




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